Swimming, World Championships 2023. The big Azzurri enter the pool immediately: Ceccan and Martinenghi go in search of the first final!

A rich program for the first day of the World Swimming Championships, which will take place tomorrow in Fukuoka. The first five titles have been handed and Italy wants to be the hero immediately. The blue World Cup will begin with Sarah Franceschi aiming for a 200 medley final that none of the discipline’s three absolute specialists will escape. Australian kylie mccain and american Alex Walsh and Kate Douglas. outsiders can be israeli Gorbenko, Dutch Steenbergen and Chinese Yiting Yu.

Two blues in the start in the 400 freestyle. Both have the ability to aim specifically for the final Marco Di Tullio, who was the hero of last year’s World Cup final in Budapest and arrives belligerently at this appointment in Japan, and Matteo Ciampi, if he manages to dose well the strength in the battery. Losers come from Australia: beware young man Sam Short who promises and advertises to be the protagonist of the middle distance race in Fukuoka (the best time of the season over the distance) Eliza Winnington, while the other podium candidates come from Europe and are German Lucas Martens and Austrian Felix Aubach. Don’t underestimate the Tunisian Olympic champion Hafnoui,

it initiates Usual stellar challenge at a very high level in the 100 Butterfly which sees blue team veteran Ilaria Bianchi at the start On his seventh appearance in the World Cup and looking for his fifth Olympic participation. Qualifying for the semi-finals seems to be the maximum possible goal for the athlete from Castel San Pietro. Sport for medals too uncertain: Olympic champion in charge Maggie McNeil She is returning and aims to return as the queen of expertise, but will have to deal with the defending champion Tory Haske, the very solid Chinese Zhang Yufei, Australian Emma McKeon, rising American star Gretchen Walsh and, why not, the great hero of the European juniors, the Bosnian Lana Pudar.

In Fukuoka begins the journey of one of the most eagerly awaited blues, Thomas Ceccon, who faces, with Pietro Codia, 50 Butterfly’s Batteries, A race he loves and in Budapest he left a bitter taste in his mouth after being handed the podium first and then one of his rivals being disqualified by a dancer. Sekkan appears to be having the best time in the world among the attendees but they are all very close. It is certain that none of the medalists will be able to repeat themselves in Budapest, Since Dressel and Andrews of the United States failed to qualify and Santos of Brazil was out of business. There are many claimants to the stage, from the British Ben Proud, who loves this race, his compatriot Jacob Peters, the two Americans Shine Casas and Dare Rose, the Australian Cameron McAvoy, the Hungarian Szebaztian Szabo Which has a chance to avoid the short-course specialist label.

No blue women in 400m style debut after Simona Quadarella’s decision not to take part in the race of which she is the vice-champion of Europe and for which she has qualified in Riccione. it is one of Most awaited race of the World Cup For the quality of the stage contenders. Many expect a two-way fight between the Americans Katie Ledecky (former world record holder) and Canadian Summer McIntosh (new world record holder) but other great experts could join the battle, from Australians Arian Titmus and Lani Pallister to New Zealand’s Erika Fairweather, to outsiders Bingjay Lee and Bella Sims.

Niccolò Martinenghi’s world adventure also begins, Immediately called upon to defend the 100 m breaststroke world title. he will be with her Frederick Poggio who has managed to get the better of the world champion so far this year, who has had to deal with a number of physical problems but Which fits perfectly on this placement. The biggest threats on paper come from China, where according to the times seen in the trials, the breaststroke has got two great performers, Haiyang Qin and Yan Zibei Joe dominates the world first twice in a season. keep an eye out as always nick fink who wants to continue playing tricks on the Azzurri (last year he managed 50 World Championships and World Cups in a short period of time) and arno cuminga Joe seems to be back on a very high after the difficulties of last season.

Olympic finalist and European gold medalist Alberto Razzetti looks for a stellar result in the 400 medley that rounds out the individual event. And who will confer the title in the afternoon. The top favorite is the current world champion, French phenomenon Leon Marchand. That would attack Phelps’ world record, which seemed unstoppable until a year ago. The United States fielded world silver medalist Carson Foster and Olympic gold medalist Chase Kalisz. But the perception is that this will not be enough to counter the overwhelming French power. Also vying for medals are the two hosts Daiya Seto and Tomoru Honda and British Brandon Smith.

in relay The 4×100 women’s freestyle innovation is called Italia. with a team Youth Italy is trying to pave the way towards a future that can give great satisfaction by seeing the results of youth teams. It’s hard to think of a finalist for the Blues who will be aiming to improve. Australia remain the big favourites, but the United States have not started with a loss. Also keep an eye on China, Great Britain, but above all Canada, with a solid team, without any weak points.

Italy who wants to be the hero in the men’s 4×100 freestyle. During the season, the Azzurri sprinters were, for various reasons, unable to repeat the exploits of the previous season and therefore They will try to change the momentum at the most crucial juncture. We need a decisive improvement from everyone in Budapest to be able to aim for the podium again after a year of bronze medals. Australia and the United States are the big favourites, but beware Great Britain, who have a fast-growing team and could oppose the Azzurri.

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