New vaccination campaigns for influenza and COVID-19

Fourth dose of vaccination against Covid-19 3
Seniors will be first to receive new vaccine

this Ministry of Health and Social Policy La Rioja government launches vaccination campaign in front of Influenza and COVID-19 2023-2024 This Tuesday, day 3, on nursing home of our region. José Antonio Oteo, Undersecretary of Health and Social Health Policy, and Eva Martínez, Director of Public Health, Consumption and Care, explained La Rioja’s vaccination program and Ludlow’s residence is assisting in delivering first doses of the vaccine to users.

This week, combined influenza and COVID-19 vaccination campaigns begin among these groups People most at risk Severe development of these diseases. In this way, this Tuesday, vaccinations will begin in La Rioja nursing homes, since they are the most vulnerable group.

José Antonio Oteo appeals to society as a whole, “It is very important to be vaccinated, not only for individuals, but also to protect the most vulnerable, those we love.” Vaccination against influenza and COVID-19 The purpose of vaccines is to enhance protection of the most vulnerable populations in order to reduce morbidity and mortality and the impact of these diseases on health and society’s capacity to care.

Vaccinate all minors aged 6 to 59 months

Eva Martínez said that this year “ Children 6 to 59 months Systematically. In previous seasons, only people belonging to high-risk groups were vaccinated, whereas this season, all children of this age group will be vaccinated,” he explained.

In fact, he noted, “There are Different adapted vaccines to different Age group, intensify for greater response. ” For example, “for children aged 23 to 59 months, there is an intranasal vaccine that makes vaccination easier for children and their parents,” he assured.

he ministry of health Assigned to La Rioja 109,000 doses of flu vaccine.Regarding coverage, the goal is to vaccinate More than 75% of the population Over 60 years old. Last year, the figure was 78% for those over 75 and 73% for those over 60.

About vaccines CoronavirusLa Rioja has approx. 49,000 doses, the Ministry of Health will add more doses in the coming weeks. All vaccines are adapted to currently circulating strains of the virus.

Vaccinations in nursing homes begin this week and will be completed the week of October 9 Over 85 years old and health and social health professionals Rioja Health Services Center. From October 16, the remaining target groups will start.

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