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Perhaps the August heat softened the scandal a bit, but some harassment allegations against Lizzo unfortunately, we will hear about it for a long time. Lead singer Juice was some of her former dancers are accused of creating a toxic work environment with constant threats, inhuman work rhythms, and pressure that leads to sexual abuse.AND. There is even talk of racist discrimination and body shaming, and new details are emerging that will clear up the picture in the coming months.

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At the moment, fans of the stellar champion of body positivity are divided: on the one hand, those who consider the accusations unforgivable (and that impeccable behavior cannot serve as a reason for such evidence), on the other, those who believe in Lizzo and her good intentions. After Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez, three of the singer’s former corps de ballet dancers, filed a complaint with a Los Angeles court in early August, Lizzo released a statement on social media explaining her position.. All three accuse her of “sexually abusive” behavior, forcing her to participate in erotic performances, being fired for weight gain, and lower wages for non-whites.

The star, for its part, called the allegations “false.” “My work ethic, my morals and my respect were called into question. My character has been criticized. I usually prefer not to respond to false accusations. But it’s incredible and too outrageous to ignore,” he wrote in a press release. If, on the one hand, some fans were reassured by the singer’s clear position that in recent years she had done a lot to ensure that people with an inappropriate figure were noticed, then others spoke of hypocrisy and “blaming the victim” in relation to those who unsubscribed from her dancers. en masse Pmore than 120,000 people unfollowed her on social media.. In accordance with daily mail all this already has serious consequences for the career of the star, closely associated with the copies she promoted. For example, Lizzo would be excluded from the Super Bowl: “The opportunity to perform or sing the anthem during the show is gone now that she’s faced with this scandal,” a National Football League source would tell the tabloid.

Meanwhile, while Beyoncé openly supports her colleague, shouting “Lizzo, I love you” from the stage of her tour. Renaissancesome claim that new accusations and testimony may appear. Second nbk news, Lawyers representing former dancers Lizzo said they have six new complaints to deal with. These could include other dancers who have toured with Lizzo, as well as people who are part of the staff that worked on her show on Lizzo’s Amazon Prime Video. Beware of big Grrrls. Former Lizzo creative director Quinn Whitney Wilson and dancer Courtney Hollinquest also said they were treated the same as the singer. “I’m not involved, but that was my experience,” Hollinquest explained on Instagram. “A big thank you to the dancers who had the courage to talk about it.” “Some of the claims we are considering may result in legal action,” he explained. NBK Ron Zambran, ex-dancers’ attorney, “but it’s too early to tell.” For those who do not yet have a clear idea of ​​​​how to take a position, for now it remains only to refrain from judgment.

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