NFL fans shocked to believe Terry Bradshaw tried to kiss Rob Gronkowski on air

andSunday, National Football League Back on our screens for his usual broadcast slot, however, there was a rather strange moment on the Fox broadcast that left fans believing that the legendary quarterbackTerry Bradshawtrying to kiss Rob Gronkowski.

The incident occurred during a live broadcast on Sunday when Gronk joined fox After his second retirement from the NFL.

What happened was that the 75-year-old man wanted to whisper something in his ear. GronkowskiHowever, he appears to have his hand on the back of Gronk’s head, perhaps for balance, but on camera appears to be pulling him closer for a moment. kiss.

Gronkowski catches Bradshaw

When awkward hugs happen, Gronkowski He put his arms around Bradshaw and seemed to be hugging him, apparently trying to hear more carefully what the veteran was telling him.

“I think Terry Bradshaw Trying to make out with Gronk,” one fan posted on X (formally known as Twitter).

“Did Terry Brashaw just try to stick out tongue Heading to Gronk? “That’s another guy’s idea.

Another viewer concluded: “Terry Bradshaw just held Gronk’s head and whispered some team talk to him, but I honestly thought I was going to see them kiss for a second.”

Fox continues to recruit future broadcast talent

Fox also debuted former L.A. teammates in what has become a regular move for the network new england patriots by Gronkowski, Julian EdelmanSunday as part of his broadcast team.

Tom Brady signed with the network after his first retirement, but had to push the broadcast back a year when he decided to play one more season.

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