NFL starts: New ‘post-Brady era’ all against Mahomes

1999 was the last season with this name tom brady He didn’t appear on the NFL’s 32-player roster. until this year.back 23 successful campaigns In the American Football Classic, best player Last February, his storied career kicked off. And, with it, The league has entered a new stage starting today, A sort of The succession war in the ‘post-Brady era’, Specifically, it will be opened by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, known as the heir to seven championships and the benchmark of the new cycle. Kansas City Chiefs, Defenders of the Ring achievements in the Super Bowl, This morning (02:20, Movistar+ and DAZN) against the Detroit Lions An NFL season full of excitement, unknowns, high expectations… In short, a season of excitement, unknowns, high expectations… pure american football.

as if i were scripted Last year, he filmed a Hollywood blockbuster result until Romantic: Brady says we’ve had enough after two decades of tyranny Thus, immediately after, Mahomes At 27, he picked up his second career ring and won the heirs poster. Nobody in the new generation has as much penetration as the Chiefs, who are the NFL’s diamond in the rough, both on and off the field. So with the King Brady dethroned, the 2023 season will be an all-out campaign against Mahomes and his Chiefs, back to Appears in all pools for the title.

Because, how could it be otherwise, the Kansas City Chiefs are one of the main Super Bowl summer they have preserve almost the entire block It has lifted them to the top over the past five years, while the team that lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy seven months ago has undergone hardly the tiniest adjustment. Mahomes will continue to accompany his faithful squireTravis Kelce, without a doubt the best “tight end” in the league, is the deadliest duo in the entire league. But in one of the most wide-open seasons ever, the list of candidates to make them stand out is vast.

Mahomes holds the Vince Lombardi Trophy.timothy claryAFP

very hungry and above all thirsty revenge,arrive Philadelphia Eagles. nick siriani project confirmed last year as One of the strongest players in the entire NFLQuarterback Jalen Hurts is holding the baton like a charm, but they are one step away from the title.they suffered Defensive power drops, But still guaranteed, better know they have an overwhelming attack.A similar block renders San Francisco 49ershe tackled a summer soap opera at the last minute: They showed the door to Trey Lance, a good bet for the future of the Sounders, they decided that his starting quarterback yes Brock PurdyThe youngster, selected with the final pick in the 2022 draft, had a stellar season last season.include Christian McCaffrey He brings a new dimension to the offense, and his defense will continue to be an opponent’s worst nightmare.

As in previous years, franchises such as The Buffalo Bills or the Cincinnati Bengals, those teams have come close to him in the past but haven’t been able to finish. Other teams like the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens or Dallas Cowboys have also been asked to take a step forward.something they’re sure to do The New York Jets have one person to thank: Aaron Rodgers. The 39-year-old veteran quarterback was one of the preseason names (possibly along with Lamar Jackson, who eventually re-signed with the Ravens), and, After 18 championship-winning seasons with the Green Bay Packers, he joined the ambitious “Big Apple” program. Surrounded by a slew of young talent, the four-time NFL MVP faces his final career attempt to conquer another can’t rule out growing teamsuch as the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars or Seattle Seahawks.

Then there’s the 18-week regular season (17 games per team, one break) plus the playoffs to settle the big question: Will Mahomes and the Chiefs be able to build the Brady Patriots? style of dictatorship. The heir has more than enough to make it happen, and now the entire league has its eyes on him. He’s the NFL’s best pick for a new era and the goal of this team. This is an arena without Tom Brady, but with a rare crop of talent. Start the war of succession.

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