Nick Wright on LeBron vs. LeBron MJ, the NBA’s gambling problem, and Celtics or Bucks in the East?

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Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill joins FOX Sports’ Nick Wright to discuss the LeBron vs. James matchup. Michael Jordan, the NBA’s gambling problem, and more.

about this episode kind wordsYahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill joins FS1’s Nick Wright First things first The show talks about everyone happening in and around the NBA.

First, NBA fans on social media went wild claiming that “the 90s are over.” This led to an interesting conversation between Nick and Vincent, which essentially turned into a GOAT debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, and why Scottie Pippin is either overrated or overlooked.

Rudy Gobert was fined by the league for making a gesture and then claiming referees were influenced by sports gambling. Nick tells his own sports gambling story, then explains why he believes there will soon be a scandal involving major sports officials.

Nick is a Lakers fan, so Vinny asked him if he was worried that the Lakers might be in the playoffs this season. Guys agreed that there’s a big difference between a 7/8 seed and a 9/10 seed, and the Lakers should do whatever it takes to avoid the Nuggets.

Finally, Nick said he will go on TV and predict that the Milwaukee Bucks will win this year’s Eastern Conference championship. Vinnie also agrees that the Celtics have some serious flaws that make them difficult to pick despite their huge success. Can Jayson Tatum change their minds?

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