Trelou Campos remains hospitalized in a prestigious Madrid hospital

although Carmen Borrego In “Survivor,” Terelu Campos is admitted to the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital, the hospital she chose when breast cancer was detected treatment center.Moderator is absent His work at TVE, she served as a contestant on “Oven Famous” and as a talk show host in various spaces across the web. At first no one suspected what was going on, but Trelu learned to deal with these situations with the help of her great mother. maria teresa campos. So he didn’t bother to hide anything and admitted that he was hospitalized because they detected pneumonia.

Trelu Campos started feeling bad, which is why she called her boss, people familiar with the matter said. Vocational education He let them know that he could not go to “D Corazón”. No one knew what happened at the time and it was she who explained that she had been admitted. As posted a few hours ago, he is still under medical observation, but the situation is fully under control. So much so that her daughter, Alejandra Rubio, is back on set. Telecommunications company.The young woman had no desire to dedicate herself to the small screen, but over time she found that communication ran into her veins and accepted media collection.

Alejandra Rubio’s first job as talk show host “Temptation Island”.He has commented on episodes of the reality show along with other media figures such as Kiko Matamoros, in fact, he had some discussions with him, so he learned to deal with certain situations. That’s why Carlos Sobera didn’t tremble when he asked about Trelu.The communicator realizes that the topic makes Alejandra uncomfortable, but the debater already knows enough tools Give a clear answer without damaging anything or anyone.

Alejandra Rubio reveals latest news about her mother

Alejandra is very cautious He also tried to develop a life outside of television. The problem is that she belongs to one of the most important families in the history of society, so there are many situations where she is forced to take a step forward.For example, a few weeks ago he had Carlo Constanzia, protagonist of “Toyboy” He is the son of Mar Flores. The collaborators had no choice but to admit the truth: yes, she was dating the artist and they decided to give themselves a chance.

In the middle of this turmoil that caused so much HeadacheAfterwards, Alejandra returned to the front lines to clarify the situation of Terelu Campos. “He’s fine and recovering,” he commented in a very cautious tone. The young woman did not want to have problems with her Telecinco colleagues and always tried to answer all their questions, although she kept her distance because the most important thing for her was privacy.Although it is a very familiar faceThe door to an intimate life has never been actively opened, so there are certain boundaries that cannot be crossed.

Terelu actively participates in certain programs. He was very professional and felt obligated to clarify certain situations, which is why he admitted that he had pneumonia. In fact, this is not the first time he has battled this disease.A few years ago, on a April FairAfter experiencing severe pain for the same reason, he had to be admitted to the Sacred Heart Hospital in Seville. But she was strong and brave, so she overcame the difficulties.

Trelou Campos is waiting for Carmen Borrego

Some people forget that Carmen Borrego only recently hit the small screen.Maria Teresa and Trelou Campos They starred in Telecinco’s reality show “Las Campos” It was this show that encouraged Carmen to work in front of the camera, since previously she was just a director with no intention of becoming means malagania He doesn’t have as much experience as his sister.which is why Trelu gave him good advice.

Alejandra Rubio’s mother fully supports Carmen Borrego’s decision: Join the “Survivor 2024” Competition. Before contracting pneumonia, the correspondent organized a meeting with relatives to watch the opening night of the above-mentioned game. In this way he encouraged his sister and also Keke Calleja. The reporter was participating in a reality show and had already had a fight with Carmen, even though they were good friends in Spain.

Keck calls Carmen “Pototi,” his nickname for her Kiko Hernandez Borrego promised it hurt him a lot. So he didn’t understand that his partner actually used this word to create a spectacle. we need to wait for a while See who Trelu Campos agrees with.

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