Trelou Campos hospitalized in emergency with pneumonia

Maria Teresa Campos’ daughter goes to Madrid’s Jiménez Díaz Foundation because ‘she didn’t feel well’

March 11, 2024

Updated at 1:43 p.m.

Although he had planned to go to “D Corazón” to fulfill his professional commitments, Trelou Campos He missed it. Saturday and Sunday. According to “Semana” magazine, maria teresa campos He did not go near the Spanish television station because he “didn’t feel well.” It was not until this Monday that she was admitted to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in Madrid due to pneumonia. The hospitalization will force her to stay away from the set until she recovers. I guess I’ll have to rest for a week or two.

This isn’t the first time the talk show host has been to the hospital for the same illness. In 2007, my sister Carmen Borrego During the celebration of the April Fair, he went to the Sacred Heart Hospital in Seville with a severe cough, which he initially did not take seriously. However, the problem persisted and the chest pain worsened, forcing him to go to hospital in the capital Seville. There, he was diagnosed with early-stage pneumonia. This resulted in her being hospitalized for several days. At that moment, she was surrounded by her mother and her boyfriend at the time, Carlos Agrero.

This time it was in Madrid, close to his friends and family.Point out when you swipe Pilar Vidal Just fine in “Espejo Público, Terelu Campos”. He is receiving treatment. So far, everything is going well. This has always been a fear. “He had been weak for a week and on Saturday he decided to go to the hospital.” The Jiménez Díaz Foundation is a trusted hospital for the Campos family. Last September, Maria Teresa Campos was hospitalized with acute respiratory failure. It was also there that Terelu Campos received treatment for breast cancer.

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