Nicole Kidman strawberry blonde curly hair: photos and hair look!

Goodbye straight hair, now for Nicole Kidman it’s time for curly hair well defined!

We had recently seen her parading on the red carpet, for the 95th edition of the Academy Awards together with her husband, and showing off one of the most beautiful Oscar 2023 looks with a black dress decorated with sequins and long straight, platinum-blonde hair. But now Nicole Kidman rediscovers the mane of her early career and youth with curls and curly hair with light movements.

Let’s see Nicole Kidman’s photos and hair look with strawberry blonde curls and hair!


Smiling and wearing a very delicate blue dress that smells of summer, Nicole Kidman thus appears on her Instagram account. The actress’s new hair and fold are immediately striking: away with the straight hair of official occasions and which we had appreciated until a few days ago on the red carpet on the occasion of the night of the 2023 Oscars. Kidman appears radiant with well-defined and elastic curly hair. Nicole Kidman sports one of the jaunty-looking medium-long curly haircuts with strawberry blonde hair. It is a hair dye that simulates the classic auburn hair, which will look great on fair skin and will emphasize her beautiful green eyes to the fullest. But also discover Nicole Kidman shock hair look with double cut!


Curls and curly hair take center stage! The hair trends for 2023 seem to appreciate curly hair more than ever, natural or obtained through the use of a simple straightener or hair iron or through specific and more lasting treatments such as the permanent. And if it is true that there are more and more VIPs with curly hair, let’s see some of the most beautiful faces!


Bella Hadid with blonde hair and curly brown hair. In fact, the model posted photos of her new hair on her Instagram account: one permanent effect curly hair with thick curls and tight.


We can choose between more defined curly hair and natural fluffy hair. This is the case of the singer Selena Gomez with messy effect curls and messed up. Discover Selena Gomez’s most beautiful hair looks from yesterday to today!


A proud return to the 80s instead for the model and younger sister of Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian. For the launch of her fashion brand Good American she chooses long blonde hair and fluffy hair with frizzy curls.

We invite you to discover all the most beautiful hairstyles with curly hair and read the guide with all the tips for having perfect curly hair!

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