Nintendo Announces New Super Smash Bros. to Promote Wii Online, But Actually Does Nothing

Satoru Iwata and Masahiro Sakurai are true video game lovers. This was shown in Super Smash Bros., a game where their talents came together, years before Satoru Iwata took charge of Nintendo himself.We won’t deny it, to successfully deliver such chaotic combat between such disparate characters, you have to have extraordinary planning and measure ads really, really well. Super Smash Bros. is the exact opposite.

Masahiro Sakurai’s latest video, Creating Games, is Sakurai’s vlog where he shares his experiences and offers advice to game developers, shedding new light on how key games that revolutionized the Wii online experience were born. Clue: The Smash Bros. saga’s success in Asia and the West in 2017 made it a key part of the next generation of Nintendo’s consoles and Satoru Iwata, who was already the company’s president, He made the announcement at the 2005 E3 show.

Another reality: At the time, Masahiro Sakurai had left HAL Laboratories a year earlier to start his freelance career, working on other projects, and had no idea what the new Big N console would look like. In that context, it was a Wii launch event attended as an audience, and the strangest thing about it: Nintendo announced the next Super Smash Bros. game. does nothing at all.

After that meeting, Iwata himself (with whom Sakurai had always been close) organized a formal meeting with Sakurai at the hotel where he was staying in Los Angeles, and bluntly offered to direct the following: Super Smash Bros. Acknowledge the current state of the project. Or, at least, in which he plays as close to management as possible based on his free time.It was then, after thinking about it for days and not knowing what it would be like to use the new hardware, that Sakurai asked him The key issue:

“What if I say no?”

Satoru Iwata’s answer is spot on: they’ll pass the project on to someone else, and they’ll focus on the next step Super Smash Bros. It works online, which is decisive, and the existing 26 fighters will be available as-is. No retouching required. Or, at least, Iwata thinks, if Sakurai turns down the opportunity, the project will eventually take shape.

The truth is, they both know how to create a crush brand new For Nintendo’s superstars, it’s going to be an even bigger challenge for newcomers. Even The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma publicly admitted that if Masahiro Sakurai hadn’t been involved with the project, then the series should have been considered for closure. Super Smash Bros. Consider it an irreplaceable part of the legend.

Faced with this situation, Sakurai decided to finish the game he had already started, bid farewell to other games he was about to participate in, and devote himself to the creation of new games. Super Smash Bros. As time went on, announcements were made, but nothing was done. Fortunately, Satoru Iwata not only implemented the move, but was instrumental in bringing together key developers dedicated to the cause, and even Shigeru Miyamoto helped put together an eventual team of 100 people.

Five months later, in October 2005, development on the game will begin and it will be renamed Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The game, which launches on the Wii in three years’ time, will feature superstars alongside unusual guests like Sonic or Solid Snake from the Metal Gear saga. Since then, as of 2020, 13.32 million copies have been sold.

What now? Masahiro Sakurai learned that considering the importance of Nintendo to fans and the company itself, a new work of Super Smash Bros. will be launched in the future. Although he said he doesn’t know what will happen from now on, he said he will continue to work with the Big N for as long as possible. Now is the time to pray and wait for the Switch’s successor to be announced, and they’ll let you know about the saga’s plans with more headroom. We know no one can do it better.

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