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One of the hypotheses is always connected with the ex-husband Gerard Piqué. Perhaps the outfit, which has already gone viral, is a reference to the Spanish footballer for the hundredth time since the song. Music Sessions Volume 53 – and which, as one of his followers writes, may easily be the one who wears Shakira: “Sign divorce papers.”

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However, this “No”, so little disguised, is not dedicated to the former Spain captain and Barcelona. In fact, some say it’s a response to rumors about her possible relationship with the F1 driver. Lewis Hamilton. First a boat trip, then to a restaurant and again a guest of a Colombian singer Mercedes to follow in the Barcelona Grand Prix.

Shakira during the Barcelona Grand Prix

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In the end, however, it does not matter to whom such a frank refutation written in huge letters is addressed. Rather, we like to think that the singer is a dry “no” to negativity and everything that made her suffer and feel bad in the last period. If he then decides to do it in style, for us this is an absolute “yes” of approval.

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