Noah Lyles is back in the news after Team USA fails at the World Championships

Noah Lyles

Second time in a row Team USA he failed to win a medal at the World Championships. After 2019, the Americans finished in fourth place this year, losing the semifinals to Germany and the final to their cousins ​​Canada in extra time. And now, after a couple of weeks, the words Noah Lyleswho before the World Cup sarcastically commented on the NBA’s habit of calling “World Champions” team that won the Stars and Stripes championship.

At this point, Lyles, who had just won three gold medals at the World Athletics Championships, asked himself: “World champions for what?”. The American athlete stressed that the NBA is not peace, and for this reason he was attacked by numerous fellow basketball players, as well as rapper Drake. But now that the all-NBA Team USA has failed at the World Cup, Lyles was back at it in an interview with GQ after the semifinals.

I said what the whole world has been saying for years. This time we decided to pay attention. There are a lot of funny things that come out of this story, such as Drake’s interference. Drake, what are you doing here? Go home! This is an NBA discussion. I couldn’t go on TikTok for more than three seconds because everyone was only talking about me. I thought, “Could I see something different? I don’t want to see only myself! That’s why I go on Twitter. Honestly, I think the NBA is the best league. I never questioned this aspect. But there is a level of misunderstanding that there are two sides to the sport. There are national championships and there are world championships, and it is impossible to compete for the title of world champion without meeting the rest of the world..

In addition to his words to GQ, after the U.S. loss to Germany, Lyles “liked” a Twitter meme of him cheering for the American team to lose. The like was later removed.

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