Rihanna, her second child and her family (“which is now complete”)

A thrilling love story with ASAP Rocky Istarted in 2020, right in the middle of the era COVID-19. Then the birth of the first child Relay protection and protection, in May last year. Now here it is official status of the second child, another boy about whom again name unknown. Affection grows all around Rihannasecond mom, who is rumored to have given birth on August 3: “Now he feels his family is complete.“, the source revealed People.

“This is what he always wanted,” the insider added.she loves motherhood” On the other hand, a popular star Barbados he never hid his happiness during pregnancy and in the postpartum months: “I couldn’t believe that, in fact, from a person there are two of me now“, Riri said in an interview with the publication Fashion. “It’s crazy. And even the first days They are incredible: You don’t sleep at all, even if you want to.”

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“Even though most of the time you’re a zombie– he said again. “It’s also incredible that two of us walked into the hospital and three of us went out, how is the family”. The family that is right now it expanded Next: To announce her pregnancy, Rihanna chose America’s most watched stage, what from the superbowlwhere she appeared in a revealing outfit stomach.

In addition, many fans have been asking the artist for a long time. issue of ’88 release a new album. Last, Antiwhich is his eighth everything is fine in the studio again seven years ago. “I would like it to arrive this year,” he said in the same interview with the publication Fashion. “Now I just want to think feel good and make music” If he really thought his family was nowfull“Who knows, maybe it will actually come out very soon new album.

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