Nobody can save you, explanation of the ending of the movie with Kaitlyn Dever

No one can save you ending explanation

An often gripping sci-fi/horror piece, Nobody’s Gonna Save You (here’s a review) stood out primarily for its remarkable interpretation Kaitlyn Dever like the lonely Brynn who has to fight the aliens. With a complete lack of dialogue, the film focuses on emotional and action scenes and gives the impression that the girl carries with her a secret that explains why she is alone, without a family. This is hinted at several times, but not fully revealed until the ending, which clarifies parts of Brynn’s life. No one will save you was released on Disney+ without any theatrical release, which does not appear to be planned. Between the aliens trying to take over humans and Brynn trying to kill them, the film’s cryptic ending actually leaves a clear message for the viewer.

What happens at the end of No One Will Save You?

Brynn is tested in battle, and when it seems she can’t take it anymore, she is sent to an alien spaceship where her mind is invaded by alien life forms. Going back in time, Brynn’s childhood returns to the moment when one day, in a moment of anger, she had an argument with her best friend Maude, killing her. The accidental death of her friend destroyed her and also ruined her reputation. Since everyone in the small town knew who she was and what she had done, Brynn isolated herself in her home in the woods. When the aliens see all this, they seem to be taken aback and argue among themselves. So they decide to not only spare her a painful death, but also give her a new chance to live the life she only dreamed of, with a disturbing ending.

Review of the film “Nobody will save you”

Brynn becomes part of an alien society

Throughout the film, we saw how the aliens took over the bodies of some people in the community. Brynn’s second chance is to make all the friends she never had in her life. We see this when he takes part in a dance sequence that seems to be taken from a classic musical. Of course, these are aliens who have taken possession of the corpses of the dead people they killed. In an interview with screenwriter and director Brian Duffield gave a partly sincere, partly daring answer: “I really wanted to do a musical, but no one would let me, so it’s a joke. No, I knew there had to be something common for Brynn in the ending. Also, I love Brynn’s character and I know Kaitlyn loves her too and I think we were both very protective of her.”

She went through a lot of emotional struggles before the movie even started, and then we kicked her ass throughout the movie. I felt like they could have made an ending where she died or something and given everyone such a heavy thing, but I enjoyed rubbing more salt into so many wounds too much. So I wanted her to be better at the end than she was at the beginning of the movie, no matter what, and I wanted her to have some community because she’s such a big part of the movie that she’s not a community. So I asked myself, “What will this community be like? And I thought, “Oh, he’ll probably have a dance…”, but it’s too crazy.“.

If this can be called a happy ending, then No One Can Save You ultimately sees Brynn find herself in a completely fictional society where, in order to gain human warmth and sociability, she put people’s lives at risk. In the end, Brynn did nothing but recreate the world she had been building in her living room with puppets and models.

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