Noisy Naples Fest, composition of Paola and Chiara concert at Arena Flegrea

Summer tour

When Paola and Chiara call, Naples answers. Especially if it’s a summer evening, at a very hot time of the year, when a single in collaboration with i Bumdabash, Lambada, is at the top of the Italian charts. Therefore, this evening at the Arena Flegrea in Naples, they will sing and dance with the most fashionable female duet of our time. On the other hand, a few days after the launch of the updated version Let’s dance with Tiziano Ferro nothing better can be expected.

But Paola and Chiara’s tour won’t stop there, because the two singers will travel around Italy, bringing their music to Francavilla al Mare, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Verona, Rome, Moncalieri, Brescia and Milan. Incredibly tight meeting tour that keeps updating for weeks.

Untitled project - 1


Vamos a bailar, duet of Paola and Chiara with Tiziano Ferro


Successes old and new in the composition of the Paola and Chiara concert in Naples, which was able to reproduce the same sequence of songs that we heard in the past:

  1. Summer rain
  2. Hello!
  3. Festival
  4. kamasutra
  5. sea ​​chaos
  6. Friends like before
  7. Turn the page
  8. Blue
  9. My way
  10. lovemeday
  11. Milleluchi
  12. For you
  13. love more
  14. To end
  15. Long live love!
  16. Rage
  17. Festival
  18. Vamos a baylar (this new life)


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