They warn of the need to mitigate the negative health effects of rainfall

this Continued heavy rain can have major public health implicationsas they increase the risk of water- and vector-borne diseases, as well as those associated with a lack of basic sanitation and disruption of health care services, as Dr. Rafael Ramos Rincón, President of the Dominican Association of Health Physicians.

Before Storm Franklin passed through Dominican territory, epidemiologist Dr. Ramos Rincón argued: It is important to assess readiness to face these diseases and make suggestions Improve responses and mitigate negative effects.

He mentioned that diseases that may be triggered by the passage of this atmospheric phenomenon include: denguegastrointestinal infections, such as Diarrhea, cholera, salmonellosis, typhoid, hepatitis A, malaria, conjunctivitis, scabies, dermatitisacute respiratory infection and amoebiasis.

Recommended by Dr. Ramos Rincón Strengthen infrastructure to improve the quality and availability of drinking water suppliesPromote the implementation of sewerage systems and adequate wastewater treatment in vulnerable communities, especially in areas prone to flooding.

Experts also call for Develop mitigation measures to reduce water pollution Prevent outbreaks of waterborne diseases and strengthen surveillance systems to rapidly detect and respond to outbreaks of rain-related diseases.

Improving the ability of laboratories to perform timely and accurate diagnostic testing and sample analysis, Implement interoperable information systems for efficient collection and analysis of epidemiological data Train health personnel in rain-related disease management and emergency care.

Similarly, Develop clear contingency plans and protocols to ensure effective responses to rainfall-related health eventsfive drops per gallon of chlorinated water, both for human consumption and for food preparation, handwashing, Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds As well as washing fruits and vegetables before eating.


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