North West reveals she tried to play La La Anthony with Michael B. Jordan

North West and La La Anthony are a perfectly healthy bestie, thanks to the former’s mother and the latter’s BFF Kim Kardashian. So it’s always fun to see how they show off their happy moments on social media now that things are no longer as innocent as putting on makeup and painting. Additionally, the two (presumably) started a trend on TikTok about best friends, in which they reveal all the things that make each other their number one partner. In a speech given by Ye’s daughter, she said: “We are best friends! Of course, I tried to relate her to Michael B. Jordan!”

It was a very funny moment that made them both laugh, although they didn’t really elaborate on the story behind the statement.They ended the video by singing along to North West’s verse from her father’s song “TALKING” from the Ty Dolla $ign collaboration album vulture 1.This actually makes her one of the youngest artists ever billboardKim Kardashian is very proud of it. In fact, it’s especially heartening given the strained relationship between the ten-year-old’s parents.

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Northwestern and La La Anthony reveal curious claims about Michael B. Jordan

“Now Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon,” Ye recently shared on Instagram about North West and his and Kim’s three other children. “This is a fake celebrity school that was exploited by the ‘system.’ At this point, everyone knows what the code name for ‘the system’ is. I was taken away from my father by the system, and the system took me away from my children.” They’re taken away from them. When the system drafts athletes, they avoid working with those who have fathers in their lives because they’re harder to manipulate. My two older kids know who their dad is.”

In the meantime, we’re sure Miss Westy and Lala will continue to have fun on TikTok. Even though the former has a darker background behind her family life, it’s amazing how she can still enjoy herself, be free, and connect with people of any age. Maybe they’ll do an updated part down the road.For more news and updates on North West and La La Anthony, stay tuned HNH.

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