Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, or the generation that will change the screen

The new Italian actresses and actors are between 20 and 30 years old, sometimes even younger. They are young, funny and smart. They grew up with American movies, TV shows, and a clear, down-to-earth idea of ​​acting. And they are constantly underestimated, because in fact they are young. But over the past few seasons, they have shown not only their talent, but also a professionalism that few have demonstrated before them. They work hard, study hard, pay attention. They live the way they live: ready to relax, restrain themselves; ready to remember everything they know and have tried. These actors have the strength of their age and at the same time the ancient curiosity of the most convinced. They do not stop at first impressions, but go deeper and at the same time listen to the advice and suggestions of others.

Andrea Arcangeli, who divided his time between television and film, between Romulus AND divine pigtail; Matilda De Angelis, who worked with Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman in America; Benedetta Porcaroli attending the 2023 Venice Film Festival with Aeneas, a new film by Pietro Castellitto; Jordana Marengo, main character Lying life of adults and then Mattia Carrano, who dubbed Ludovico Bessegato in Prism; Carolina Sala, actress Perfect Illusion AND We are light years who says: “I have many points of reference, but when choosing a figure, I choose Monica Vitti: an artist I always try to pay attention to for her versatility and artistic choices”, Saul Nanni, soon at Netflix Productions Of super sex And him Leopard; Ludovica Martino, from Scam To Life with Charles Carlo Verdone; Filippo Scotti, curly and iconic It was the hand of God Paolo Sorrentino; Selena Caramazza and Giulia Maenza co-stars Bad guy. And again Greta Esposito from sea ​​outlet To Erri mixingBianca Panconi, muse and inspiration Casanova Gabriele Salvatores; Martina Gatti seen in Father Pio Abel Ferrara: And they don’t end there. They continue. There are so many. The boom in television series has led to a significant development of the offer, with the result that the number of roles, opportunities and characters has also increased.

Many actors know each other, cheer for each other and always do their best to support each other. Because if this generation has something else that sets it apart, it’s the ability to show solidarity. There is envy, hostility, misunderstanding – this is a still life, but the scenery is not a battlefield or even a playing field: it is a different dimension with its own discipline and rules. Some of these performers have learned to deal with routine, necessity, and big productions; others moved slowly, almost on tiptoe, one experience at a time.

There are newcomers, veterans (even among the boys) and real phenomena. Gaia Ghirase and Margherita Mazzucco, Lila and Lenune respectively. Shiny friend; Carolina Gamba, the dream of Pupi Avati and the D’Innocenzo brothers; Eduardo Scarpetta, son of art and excellent actor, translator of Renato Carosone for Paradise; Simone Tabasco, who made a name for herself abroad thanks to White Lotus, receiving an Emmy nomination; Nicolas Maupas, Artem, Keeshan Wilson, Massimiliano Caiazzo and Maria Esposito are among the most famous faces sea ​​outlet; Beatrice Arnera, an extraordinary and multifaceted talent, the leading actress of wide profile television, Coco Rebecca Edogamhe of SummerValentina Romani in the cast sun of the future Nanni Moretti; Luigi D’Oriano, Giuseppe Arena and Emanuele Palumbo, Sidney Sibilia’s brothers Erri mixing. There are those who say that they were lucky that they did not achieve immediate success, that they were able to work calmly, slowly, build their careers, and there are those who instead became a symbol for the masses and viewers.

Fans believe that they are their friends and look for them, comment on their posts, they are not part of their life, but their daily life: how are you, what are you saying, but you are lonely, what are you doing tonight, where are you going, I hug you; you know that I love you so. These are litanies, not greetings. They are filled with love and attention. And these boys and girls know how to react or not react, how to sketch, nod, accept. Or how to carve out your own space, build walls and define boundaries. Often all this is too much, and then you need to move away, take time. Because compared to those who preceded them, other generations, they grew up with this double hurdle. Public life, private life, digital life. There is a constant risk of diving into the water, losing your bearings, seeing these three levels overlap and overlap. But they, the actors, do not hold back, do not give up: they insist. They share a big screen and a small screen, practice for action scenes, do their own stunts; they tell stories in costume and have a good time. The performance will be followed by a fashion show. The parade will be followed by a public meeting. And they talk, discuss, listen. Over time, acting took on a different weight and a different form. The edges of the craft are smeared, expanded and transformed.

For this reason Scam, Baby, sea ​​outlet AND Prism they went so well. They did not stop at the two-dimensionality of the screen, they went further. And they went further precisely thanks to their translators. Jokes become catchphrases on TikTok, phrases that are repeated constantly and in any context, faces are familiar, unequivocally associated with one character or another. This is a danger, but also a great opportunity. Thus, the actor and actress eventually live ten, one hundred, one thousand lives. What were you thinking at that moment, do you love your character, do you miss this role, but did you really fall in love: the series of comments returns, the sacred desire to change, experiment and test yourself also returns. This generation is somewhere between a tradition born in the glory days and a future full of giants and multinationals, algorithms and a horizontal audience spanning the world.

You must be ready. You need to be able to speak a different language and occupy new places, you need to find an agent even abroad and clearly understand what to do or not to do. Opportunities arise and Hollywood ceases to be a distant destination and becomes a reality within reach. Acting is a challenge: as it grows, it becomes an adventure. This is done in order to not just be yourself. And also because in this way, finally, you can satisfy – partially or completely – your curiosity.

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