Nyomasztó börtönkrimit forgot the story of Anne Hathaway – ELŐZETES

Nowadays it’s very similar to Eileenben’s idea of ​​a classic Hitchcock.

It debuted in January at the Sundance Film Festival Fesztiválon, which began on December 8 when Anne Hathaway saw the idea of ​​a hit, a classic Hitchcock idea. Eileen.

1964 film – Ben Yatzodik az Edezult Allamokban. There’s an idea in some Massachusetts that Eileen (Thomasin McKenzie) has to do this so she can be dated. If you want your child to be a teenager, this is a fantasy that can be associated with your children, as well as the Frissen child, and this is her Rebecca hat (ő he has become a favorite of Anne Hathaway).

And this does not mean that Azonban Varatlan is doing everything possible, friend Rebecca felt so many times, Amivel Eileen is her balsabb utakra tereli…

Film a PEN-PEN Hemingway-dijjal yutalmazott Ottessa Moshfegh Eileen turned around there is a bestseller, a regular adaptation, amely 2015 – well, magyarul is better than Geoopen kiadó gondozásában.

(via Hollywood Reporter and Uproxx.com)

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