October 17, 2023.Gastroenteritis outbreak in Mayotte

October 17, 2023

Epidemic acute gastroenteritis still continuing in mayotte. After a 2-week decline, the number of acute gastroenteritis (AGE)-positive samples began to increase again at week 39 (W39), with a positivity rate of 74%.

rotavirus, E. coli Enteropathogenic (EPEC), E. coli persist (DAEC) and Shigella Helicobacter bacteria, a currently prevalent pathogen and the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis in children under 5 years of age, were found in most of the biological samples analyzed.

Sales of antidiarrheal drugs and oral rehydration solutions in pharmacies were higher than the average level of previous years and hit a record high since the beginning of the year.

Although the number of emergency visits to GEA has declined, activity rates for this indicator remain significantly higher than those observed during the same period in the previous 3 years.

If an AGE epidemic is not unusual this time of year, the current situation lack of moisture The situation the sector is experiencing, coupled with a reduction in basic hygiene measures due to water shortages, may lead to a greater intensity and duration of the epidemic than in previous years.

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