OCU 10 Tips You Must Follow When Using Air Conditioning

As soon as summer arrives, when we turn on the air conditioner to escape the heat, we worry about the electricity bill. Also, this device is one of the most power hungry.

As you know, depending on the temperature the air brings, we will pay more or less. That’s why the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) wanted to share a series of tips for saving money on your electricity bill by using air conditioners.

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OCU’s Tips for Optimizing Your Home’s Fresh Air

With some of these techniques, you’ll gain address Stays colder longer so you don’t have to run the air conditioner as long.

1. Install the device in a place with natural ventilation

A good example is placing an air conditioner above a window. As for the outdoors, it is best placed in a cool corner without shelter.

Air conditioner outdoor unit placed on a white wall in the shadows

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2. Make sure the temperature is between 24 and 26 degrees

For every degree you lower the thermostat, the temperature rise increases by 10%. consume electrical. So you have to be careful not to lower it too much. That’s right, there is a 12 degree difference between the outside and the inside.

3. Adjust the blade

Orient the blades so that the direction of the air is not directly towards the person.

4. Please close it when not in use

Do not turn on the device if no one is in the room where the device is located. Otherwise, it’ll keep draining power and you’ll be paying for what you’re not getting.

5. Save with ECO mode

Most air conditioners have this feature. When ECO mode is activated, the air temperature is set slightly higher. This way you can save up to 30% consume electricity. A practical example is that if the air conditioner consumes 1,000 Wh for 8 hours a day, your monthly bill will be approximately €72. In ECO mode, this fee will be reduced to around 50 Euros.

6. Make full use of the functions of the controller

In addition to using the ECO mode, many air conditioners have an automatic shut-off feature that can be used, for example, to prevent the unit from being left on overnight.

7. Clean and keep in good condition

It is important to regularly clean the equipment and see if any maintenance schedules are required.

The man in the back programs the air conditioner

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8. In case of failure, please call technical service

Not only in case it doesn’t work, but it may also trigger consume Or the air is not cooling properly.

9. Avoid opening windows

It must be insulated Home In good condition, doors and windows close properly. If the air conditioner is running, it must be turned off.

10. Lower blinds and awnings

if you keep Home In the shade and dark, you stay cool and don’t need to use the air conditioner much.

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