OCU launches 10 ways to reduce the cost of back-to-school school supplies

this Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) Already concerned about school spending back to school, as it would have a significant economic impact on Spanish households. This is an event for little ones and especially parents who must have everything they need to start the new school year, guaranteed.With only three weeks left until the start of the new school year, the vast majority of Monday, September 11, 2023.

Not at the same level as last August’s close Inflation over 10% (now at 2.3% in July), but the crippling effects of inflation continue to affect books, pencils and other school supplies. OCU estimates returns last year (ie 2022/23) to be average cost some of each student 2,000 euros.

High school spending, but lower than last year

Average cost per student 2,000 euros

he 2023 planned spending The numbers in school textbooks will not be as high as last year, but at least four figures are expected. To this must be added the cost of summer vacations, rising fuel prices or high shopping cart prices, none of which will decline with the same intensity as other industries.

To this end, OCU provides ten prompts: save money Return to class strategically.

  1. Make a list of what you already have in your home.will allow Decide what you need to buy And avoid unnecessary purchases. Also, create a budget.
  2. Buy as early as possible, starting in August deals abound And discounts on clothing and school supplies.
  3. join collaborative consumption, such as exchanging second-hand clothes, books and school supplies between families. The organization suggests getting involved in initiatives that facilitate the exchange of second-hand clothes, books and school supplies between families. Collaborative consumption can translate into substantial savings on such fees.
  4. Compare Prices Compare between different stores before buying.
  5. Choice of homemade sandwiches with wholemeal bread, fruit, nut and milk in place of processed and packaged foods.
  6. Read recommended reading from the library or ask AMPA (Student Parents Association).
  7. Reuse backpacks, boxes and Other accessories from the previous year If they are in good condition.
  8. Only buy essentials and avoid impulse buys.
  9. Take advantage of promotions And special back-to-school discounts at select stores. Buy as far in advance as possible. It is also important to compare prices between different stores before buying.This way you can find the best deals and discounts on clothing and school supplies
  10. consult Aid Programs and Grants There may be programs in your borough to reduce school fees.

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