Official trailer of the television series about Twisted Metal, More

Posted by Mor Official Trailer From television series Of twisted MetalPromising live action transposition of the famous combat racer from 1995 produced by Sony exclusively for PlayStation.

After the trailer for Summer Game Fest, Twisted Metal shows itself Video Dense in content, introducing the characters and settings we’ll be able to explore starting July 27th.

The tone of the show is clearly awkward, in a set post apocalyptic landscape Where violence reigns supreme and where Anthony Mackie’s character can risk his life for a roll of toilet paper.

PlayStation Intellectual Properties on TV

twisted metal is one of them Television projects related to PlayStation intellectual properties, as we know. For example, the TV series The Last of Us has been very successful lately, and talk of a show dedicated to the god of war is in full swing.

There’s no doubt that Sony franchises have a lot of potential when it comes to television or cinematic transpositions, and in fact the Uncharted film with Tom Holland has done well, grossing over $400 million.

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