Oliver Oken from Hannah Montana has been arrested! That’s the reason!

On Saturday, August 26th, Mitchel Musso, who plays Oliver Oken on Hannah Montana, was arrested! Here are the details and how it happened!

Remember Oliver Oken from Hannah Montana? He’s under arrest! The incident occurred on Saturday, August 26, at a hotel market in Texas. The news came from TMZ AND Deadline where did we read this Mitchel Mussothis is the name of the person who played the best friend Miley Cyrus in the Disney series “Hanna Montana”, he went to jail. But for what reason? Here’s what we know and who the actor has become today!

When we played Oliver Oaken in the TV series and film Hannah Montana, Mitchel Musso was about 15 years old, and today he is 32 years old. Over the past few hours there has been news, not at all good, about the interpreter of Oliver Oken from Hannah Montana. According to TMZ and Deadline, the actor he was stopped by the police because he allegedly stole a packet of chips On the market. The theft was reported inside the store and Mitchell became very abusive when paying. Finally, Oliver’s “face” was identified by the police, although the latter was likely intoxicated and driving around with an expired vehicle inspection.

But how did the story end? Mitchel Musso was charged with theft and public intoxication and failure to produce a driver’s license. Finally, again according to TMZ, it appears that the translator Oliver Oken from Hannah Montana was released by authorities on $1,000 bail pending trial.. We will obviously be monitoring the situation and will update you as soon as there is more news on the case! In the meantime, we are interested to know your first opinion on this matter!

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