On Prime Video, a fresh, light and spicy film for the hottest summer of the century.

If you’re looking for an easy movie to spend on a relaxing summer evening, check out this movie on Amazon Prime Video with a great cast and spicy storyline.

Summer means sun, sea and relaxation. And in the memory of everyone, it also means a fleeting but strong love. The hottest summer Film about Prime Video which will satisfy your nostalgia as well as the desire to watch a good funny movie with which to spend a relaxing evening.

The protagonist is a priest who will doubt his calling because he finds out that he is committing much more than a sin! And in this Comedy on Prime Video this prelate of not entirely impeccable behavior is played by a true darling of the Italian entertainment world.

Gianmarco Saurino has a long apprenticeship in the theater, but became known to the general public through the interpretation of the young lawyer Nicodemo Santopaolo in the television series God bless us.
He is also in the Don’t tell my boss and from DOC – In your hands.

In the meantime, he devoted himself to cinema and, after several short films, made his debut as the main character Masculine singulardirector’s film Alexander Guide AND Matteo Pilatiand it will be the last ones who also want it for The hottest summer on Prime Video.

But Saurino is not the only famous actor to appear in this movie. Viewers will be able to recognize two historical figures in the history of film and television, that is Stephanie Sandrelli AND Nino Frasica.

And there are new names, already with a fixed success, such as a stand-up comedian Michel Giraudalso already present in Masculine singular (exclusive film prime video) but also in the first edition LOL – Who laughs is out.

However, in his film debut Joseph Jofredancer and choreographer, winner of the dance category of the eleventh competition Friends of Maria De Filippias well as a dancer for tours and music videos for international artists such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez.

The hottest summer on Prime Video speaks of love, but also of friendship, the weight of choices for the future and the importance of admitting one’s mistakes. The original song is the soundtrack to everything lightning strikeswritten and performed Francesca Micheline.

Enjoy a funny movie, but with a lot of food for thought and a nice nostalgic atmosphere.

The hottest summer

Watch the trailer and read the story

Two friends Lucia and Valentina live in a small village in the province of Ragusa. They are going to spend one last summer together before going to university. Lucia, in fact, will leave for Rome with her boyfriend Omar, an Egyptian by birth.

Both are very active in the neighboring parish, helping with summer activities organized for local children and taking care of the alpacas that grow there.

When the new deacon Don Nicola arrives, Valentina immediately falls in love with him and asks her friend to help her defeat him before Lucia leaves.

It is also a crucial summer for the young priest: the last one before the final vows.

However, in trying to help Valentina get to know Nikola better, Lucia will get too close to the deacon, putting his calling in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Omar, who has returned to Egypt to make his relationship official with his parents, continues to delay discussion while Carmen, the village old woman, notices that Nicola and Lucia are spending too much time together and begins to suspect the true nature of their relationship. so she starts following him around to catch him in the act of…sin!

What will happen between Don Nicola and Lucia? And how will this affect your friendship with Valentina? Will there still be a place for Omar in Lucia’s future?

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