Rubber slippers: the best models for summer 2023

Colored rubber slippers so big that our legs look like real boats. Not exactly a sophisticated accessory that managed to climb the heights of fashion desires in a short time and become one of the most sought-after sandals of the summer.

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Everyone wants them (or maybe not?) and many, many already wear them in everyday life, both abroad and here in Italy, so much so that they have become phenomenon of custom. We still haven’t figured out how they did it, but we had an idea, and as is often the case when an accessory becomes a cult item, there must be a hand of some social network known for its viral content…

But that’s not all, because in some seasons there were too many of them. celebrity have been seen wearing these sandals on their feet. There are examples? Kendall Jenner and Chiara Ferragni already wore them two years ago: they were Yeezy Slidesdesigned by Kanye West for adidas (before the star-brand’s violent divorce), the forerunners of this trend.

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But let’s start from the very beginning, or with their name. In fact, they are not one, but many: from skinny sandals (kryze slide + chunky) a slipper pillow down to the term we think best identifies them: “cloud slides“, or cloudy slippers. And we’re not the only ones who think so, because the #cloudslides hashtag has amassed over 1.5 million views on Tik Tok (and here we’ve already revealed one of the secrets to their success).

Rubber slippers: take or leave?

Now let’s get back to the question we wanted to ask ourselves when writing this article: “Why are chunky rubber sandals so incredibly popular this summer?” But first of all: “Will we pass or will we not pass?” Here we have tried to answer these questions by also making a list of “yes” and “no”.

Cloud slides yes:

  1. because they are colorful and fun, perfect for the festive mood. Candy pink, canary yellow, mint green, red, purple: think of any color and we’re sure you’ll find a cloud slide that’s just right for you. We found models in all shades of the rainbow and even more!
  2. because they are made of waterproof and durable rubber, so they are good in all situations.
  3. because they’re ultralight: they read like you couldn’t imagine. We found one that is size 36 and weighs only 182 grams. Seeing is believing.
  4. because they are very comfortable: and we tell you this because we have tried them. It really is like walking on a cloud. We love the cushioning effect they give, it allows us to walk longer and faster.
  5. because… last but not least, we also represent the price: they are cheap. The ones we have selected for you start at 14 and do not exceed 23 euros.

The cloud does not slide:

  1. because I’m really ugly. But with the right look, they can be made cool.
  2. because they don’t swing. And here, in fact, we have nothing to object to: these, of course, are not flattering shoes, but … who said that we should only wear sandals that can make us beautiful according to generally accepted canons, and not those in which we feel comfortable or , better yet, on the clouds?
  3. because they are rubber. What is a plus that can make them waterproof can also be a minus: feet often sweat in shoes made of this material. But each of us is individual, and therefore even in this case it is advisable to try them.

Our verdict on a summer hit

Score: 5-3. Looking at our list, we can say out loud that we (almost) advanced them with full marks. cloud slides summer. Many will disagree, because we used to be … wore them!

To succumb to their charm, you need quite a bit: a short walk, a day to arrange a balcony, half a day to iron, their shock-absorbing sole will win you over in the first quarter of an hour. And we assure you that later it will be non-trivial to “come down from the clouds” and return to life, standing with your feet on the ground (more precisely, on ordinary flat sandals …).

Too far from your style to wear them? Try them at home, they will become your soft embrace.

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