On Prime Video you can watch a romantic and dramatic film inspired by a true story.

Watch this adventurous, intense and touching film on Amazon Prime Video tonight – a true story of survival, love and hope.

Stay with mealso known as to driftAnd movies on Prime Video which you should definitely watch if you like stories based on true events and which always leave the door open for deep reflection on the human condition.

A exciting story which mixes adventure AND dramataking viewers by the hand and accompanying them on a very deep emotional journey through seeing what – real and complex – is being told on screen.

This movie dramatic and together romantic on Prime video emphasizes the resilience and perseverance of the human soul in the face of adversity and offers a touching look at the strength of bond that can exist in a couple united by a great common passion, for example, for the sea or for adventure.

The source material for this story was an autobiographical book written by the protagonist of this story, Tami Oldham Ashcraft.

To the cinema Stay with me on Prime video plays a good actress Shailene Woodleywho gained worldwide fame as the protagonist of the series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Highly praised by audiences and critics, she received acclaim for her role as Alexandra King in the film. bitter paradise From Alexander Payne (for which she received an Independent Spirit Award and a Golden Globe nomination) and for the film adaptations of a trilogy of novels by Veronica Roth: Divergent, Insurgent and Allegant (available in the catalog Prime video).

Being the main male character Stay with meInstead, it was chosen Sam Claflinformer star of one of the most successful romantic films of recent years: touching I am in front of you next to Emilia Clarke, ranks among the most watched movies in and out of movies. Prime video.

In general, the performance of both main actors Stay with me were praised for both their ability to convey tension and their ability to convey strong emotion.

Surely, the merit of the director is also there. Balthasar Kormakurspecializing in big screen adaptations such as Mavericks (taken from the comic mini-series 2 guns) or Everestbook inspired rarefied air John Krakauer.

Kormakur’s films range from intense dramas to action films, enhancing the sensitive eye of the director, who is loved by the audience, as he knows how to stir up even very sensitive and complex topics and always advocates an in-depth study of the intimate sphere. characters.

As in the case Stay with me on Prime videoabout which we will now give you all the details.

Stay with me

Watch the trailer and read the story

Richard Sharpe, an experienced British skipper, and Tami, a young American student looking for adventure, meet in Tahiti. An immediate spark is born, which is quickly cemented by a shared passion for the sea.

Richard has a lot of experience on the sea, especially on his own, and he tells Tami how fantastic the emotions are in certain adventures, but also how difficult it is to remain calm in extreme situations and how it is necessary – on the high seas – to live with phenomena such as hallucinations.

One day, Richard is offered the task of delivering a sailboat from Tahiti to San Diego, and he invites Tami to join him, promising that as soon as they land at their destination, he will want to marry her. Tami, touched and excited, accepts the offer and the adventure begins.

At first, the journey is peaceful, but a few days later a hurricane reaches them and overwhelms them in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Over 24 hours later, Tami wakes up bruised and with a large gash on her head. The boat is badly damaged and Richard is nowhere to be seen.

Only after long binocular observations does the girl see an overturned lifeboat in the distance and, coming closer, finds that Richard, unconscious but still alive, has clung to it. The man’s leg and ribs are broken, so he can’t be of any use in such an emergency: the safety of both is in Tami’s hands.

They decide to turn towards Hawaii, but the journey proves to be very long and uncertain, and supplies of food and drinking water begin to dry up.

When Tami realizes that the ship she saw in the distance is just a hallucination, she realizes the great danger she puts them both in, driving the boat without realizing…

What will happen to Tami and Richard? Will they be able to overcome the dangers of the sea and escape?

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