Only murders in the building 3×03 Review

only murders in the building

After the release of the first two episodes on Disney+, 8 August., third season From Only murders in the building third episode continues “Prepare handkerchiefs”available to watch on the streaming platform from August 15th.

This new episode features a comedy featuring Steve Martin, Martin Short AND Selena Gomez get into the investigation. How Only murders in the building accustomed to us in recent seasons, having given a brief superficial overview of the crime and the victim (which we will learn more and more facets about through flashbacks), our characters get down to business, starting to collect hints and do the first assumption.

Show must go on

This season, the character most determined to uncover the truth and revive the podcast is Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez), touched by nostalgia for her time with her two unlikely friends. Charles (Steve Martin) e olivers (Martin Short) who seem more scattered, in particular olivers who is completely immersed in a show that was to mark his return as a Broadway director, a show he is in no way willing to give up despite numerous hardships and the death of a lead actor. olivers actually stubborn by nature, just to save money Rattle Dazzle decided to turn it into a musical, with bad and confusing results, except for a wonderful song sung and interpreted Loretta (Meryl Streep).

IN Only kills in building 3 the alleged perpetrator has already been identified and detained during the second episode.”The beat doesn’t stop“, but it is clear to all viewers that instead of being the denouement, this event only marks the real starting point of the action, the expediency of adding an additional touch to the structure of the narrative, which usually repeats always in the same way from the very beginning of the season.

Meryl Streep and Martin Short in Only the Murders in Building 3

Learn more about the characters and their relationships

As mentioned earlier, in this episode investigations they start in earnest and are the first to come alive suspectsbut the overall pace is higher relaxed and broader than the previous two episodes, which were inevitably richer due to the events that took place and insane. The events that take place are related, apparently, minor and have more weight light in the story, but at the same time they provide the necessary input to be able to move forward as it should be and help us to discover the new dynamics going on between the different characters. In this episode, we discover more than a dense web of relationships weaved through months of rehearsals for the musical.

Selena Gomez and Jesse Williams in Only Murders in the Building

In the series, not all episodes can be downloaded shocking revelations or events importantespecially in an investigative comedy like Only murders in the buildingwhat is needed are episodes that focus on the clue and evidence gathering phase and understand the role of the other characters and possible suspects a bit better.

Get your handkerchiefs ready, in fact, this is a very pleasant episode that makes watching it with pleasure and makes the viewer curious and wanting to know more and more. The script puts a little more emphasis on the new characters, giving way to a gradual understanding of their characters and their intentions. Is there a criminal hiding among them?

Let’s see if the next issue comes out on Tuesday August 22 we can find out more.


This third episode of the recently released third season of “Only the Murders in the Building” has a slower pace and wider scope than the first two episodes, but it still serves to keep the investigations coming alive as well as the first ones being born. suspects. The episode is enjoyable, has a good pace and helps us get to know the new characters/possible murder suspects at the center of this new season and makes the viewer want to know the truth even more while investigating along with our three main characters.

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