Rosanna Zanetti admits body changes after two pregnancies: This is what it is now


He shared with his followers the ongoing healing

Rosanna Zenetti

Rosanna Zanetti She usually showcases her beauty secrets and looks through her network, in addition to performing beauty treatments to feel better about herself.but for “Helps improve skin texture and reduce sagging”which was the last picture he showed his followers, because after two pregnancies there was no doubt that the body changed and in his case stretch marks appeared on his belly.

“The body has changed and it’s not the same as it used to be, but this treatment has done a great job in helping to improve it,” The model explained the changes in her skin following the treatment, which, as she said, would not have had any effect on the anesthesia.

its about Morpheus 8, “Fractional Intradermal Radiofrequency Helps Improve Skin Texture and Reduce Laxity”He explained that for this he went to the beauty center Cross out beautiful.

Here’s the Treatment Rosanna Zanetti Received

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Morpheus 8 Acting on the subcutaneous tissue of the body and face to treat cellulite and localized cellulite, they explain, can also rejuvenate aged features. god. It is combined with ultra-fine microneedles to penetrate the deepest layer of the skin, thereby stimulating collagen production, thereby achieving anti-aging effects.

They also explain that this is done with a device that emits powerful energy in the form of radio frequency, which solidifies fat and stimulates adipose tissue. “Retraction and retensioning of tissues” In addition to producing collagen, which provides elasticity and radiance, making the skin look younger.

except for the wife Bisbalother famous such as Vicky Martin Bellocal and Paula Echevarria They also tested their results on other parts of the body.The latter commented a few days ago that in her case she also used another treatment called super strong These include collagen injections to make your skin smoother by regenerating collagen.

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