Order in the Wardrobe | Say goodbye to wardrobe problems: the trick of two hangers allows you to easily hold all your clothes without wrinkles

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Put the clothes hanger upside down in the wardrobe: a solution that more and more people are following, and it makes a lot of senseadvertise.

“There’s just not enough room.” “We just need a bigger one.” They are phrases that are repeated in the following situations: We accumulate clothes and clothing We realize that the wardrobe or cupboards at home are not enough to store it in an organized and correct manner.But there are some tips for making the most of those spaces, even if they seem too small for our needs, whether One person or the whole family.

First, although it may seem obvious, the first step in facing this problem is to understand There’s not much point in accumulating clothes for the sake of accumulating. In this sense, some clothes have worn out, while others, for whatever reason, we have completely or almost completely stopped using.

Many times, these pieces of clothing remain in our wardrobes even though they seem contradictory. That’s why stopping every now and then is a healthy exercise. Analyze our wardrobes and shoe racks to separate clothes that are no longer used.

Once these garments are differentiated (and there are certainly many more than we imagine), we must distinguish between those garments that have become unusable due to wear or deterioration and those that could have a second or third life. For the former, it might be time to delete them entirely.As for the latter, there are always sustainable and supportive solutions Donate them to associations that provide these clothes to people in need. In this sense, every city has containers for clothes. Just make sure you buy your clothes from a reliable and accredited NGO, as in the case of Caritas (Cáritas).

Another important step to making space in your closet is Take off out-of-season clothes And store it neatly in suitcases or boxes that can be stored under the bed or in other hidden corners of the house. This happens with summer clothes when the weather starts and winter approaches, and vice versa. For example, removing coats or down jackets that you no longer use during the summer can free up valuable space in your wardrobe.

Tips to Solve Wardrobe Space Problems

However, in addition to these simple steps, there are some less obvious tips that can help us.This happens when The largest clothes are very long and we can’t hang them because they don’t fit in the closet They will wrinkle.

There’s a trick called the “two hangers” that allows you to hang items in an orderly manner, even if they won’t fit in your closet due to their length.it may happen in Long coat or dress. Instagram user @armoniadelhogar shared this fun trick and applied it to a few dresses in a video.

its about Use hangers and do some folding of relevant items of clothing. Wrinkles are minimized as the rest of the garment hangs and stretches perfectly. There are actually three types of this technique: one suitable for certain clothes, requiring only one hanger, and the other two requiring two hangers.

For example, when summer arrives and it’s time to put those cheerful maxi dresses into your wardrobe, this is a great solution. No one wants to wear them crumpled, so with a little know-how and following this hanger tip, you’ll ensure your clothes are in tip-top shape and solve space problems in your closet in the process. Almost nothing: kill two birds with one stone and look finished without adding new wardrobes or expanding the wardrobes in your home.

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