Osma’s Sassa and her basic look hide 3 tricks that really work

July 2020, Sasa de Osma She gave birth to twins Nicholas and Sophia.The Princess of Hanover and her husband Christian of Hanover will extended family parents In early 2024, they welcomed their third child.

Basic look of Sassa de Osma

Sassa de Osma leaves a restaurant in Madrid and heads to work dressed to perfection.GtresOnline

this 35-year-old Peruvian businesswoman Walking the streets of Madrid feeling pregnant clothing Effortless but always stylish.A few weeks ago with a Looking forward to going to work, Sassa shows us that just a few small details are enough to achieve stunning results.

Sassa’s 3 Tips for Improving Your Workplace Look

Sasa de Osma Guard timeless piece They’re so versatile in your wardrobe Easy to assemble.

Essential Madrid fall looks from Sassa de Osma.GtresOnline

But despite opting for classic pieces, she knows how to find the pieces that work best for her. Difference:

  1. A White poplin shirt and different necks, in this case the wide-haired type. Sasha prefers to keep her shirts untucked, most likely because she’s pregnant.
  2. A Impeccably tailored jacket is the protagonist look.salsa put it on over shoulderpicture Insiders.
  3. this loafers Classic black, Sassa’s from Tod’s, he wears it without socks, Paired with cropped jeansmaking the ankle visible and stylizing the look.

imitate salsa’s look

Checked blazer by Massimo Dutti (€149).Massimo Duti

White turtleneck silk shirt from &Other Stories (€149).&Other stories

Black ankle-length jeans from Mango (€29.99).mango

Zara jet black loafers (€29.95).Zara

Wine-colored Nuna Mini Tote bag from Moi and Sass, a handbag brand owned by Sassa (295 euros).moi and sass

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