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Iconic piece of clothing from the 70s, i flared trousersalso called flared pants or bell bottoms, come back to life thanks to the interesting fashion reinterpretations of the celebs, who have been able to make them very modern, without distorting their vintage-chic appeal. Fitted at the waist and on the thighs, then opening up in a generous flare from the calves to the ankles, the flared trousers can be worn choosing between a high or low waist. Here i best outfit ideas 2023which come directly from celebto copy and experiment according to what your own personality and taste suggests.

Wear flared pants in winter

The first idea to wear i bell bottoms during the winter or the cool autumn season? It certainly comes from the supermodel Kendall Jennerwhich has been able to further enhance this cool and versatile piece of clothing, combining it with two other great seasonal trends: oversized shirt + corduroy. Flared trousers, chosen in cream tones, are worn high-waisted over a white t-shirt. The outerwear chosen is shacket-style, color coordinated with the trousers, while accessories and footwear (combat boots) are in contrasting black.

To suggest a perfect outfit to wear every day, starring the flared pantsis also the pop star Rihanna which, while choosing the same colors as Jenner, combines the look with camel-toned shoes and sheepskin.

For the most special evenings, the perfect mood to match the flared pants instead it comes from the actress and model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The flared pants, chosen in black tailored fabric and worn very soft, are combined with the beauty of a long-sleeved top, embellished with a showy neckline, equally black. For the light points, the celeb relied on the shine of micro jewels, including chokers, bracelets and golden rings.

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Wear flared pants in the summer

The fabric certainly changes, which becomes lighter with the arrival of spring and summer, but not the effect that this item of clothing can give to outfits that see it as the protagonist. Among the absolutely copyable looks to wear i flared pants there is the romantic mood suggested by Alessandra Ambrosio. It can also be replicated in everyday life, in this way: combining flared blue jeans, with rips and a cropped style, with the refinement of a white top in Sangallo fabric. To then conclude the outfit with contrasting accessories, in nude and leather tones, including shoulder bags, sandals, glasses and golden jewels.

THE bell bottoms however, with the arrival of summer, they can be transformed into a style complement for looks with a strong sense rock. The one proposed, in a very gritty way, by the top model Gigi Hadid: the flared pants catch the eye, in their bright red color and high waist line. To then be combined with sneakers of the same color, while t-shirts and accessories are in contrast, in total black.

Amal Clooneyshows how to wear i flared pants with printed patterns and be equally elegant. Among the inspo looks for wearing flared pants perfectly, even in spring, certainly the inspiration offered by the young Lebanese lawyer, who over time has become a true style icon, could not be missing. For Amal, flared trousers are studded with waves in black & yellowto then be combined with total black, chosen for the elegant feathered top, for the shoes, the pochette and the blazer

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