Pamela Anderson and these 5 small romantic gestures to dedicate to yourself if you’re single

Pamela Anderson she is a woman who he experienced a lot of irresistible love, including a very tormented one with her ex-husband Tommy Lee, the father of her two children. The Canadian actress and model remains in the hearts of many as a sexy blonde rescuer Malibu safeguards, she is lonely today, but not for this reason she is unhappy and inconsolable, on the contrary. At 56 (she celebrated it in July), Pamela Anderson knows that Dedicate yourself to romantic and loving gestures every day This is real therapy that can improve self-esteem. He wrote about this personally in one of his newsletters, talking about how important it is to pamper yourself with small rituals. “I try to treat myself exactly the way I would like my partner to treat me. I’m having fun alone. I put a vase of flowers on the table, light a scented candle, and prepare a beautiful table for breakfast.”

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Give yourself romantic gestures: talk to a psychologist

Does dedicating romantic gestures to yourself really bring well-being and peace of mind? Answer: yes. Explain psychologist and psychoanalyst Elena Benvenuti: “Whether we like it or not, we are the most important person in our lives and we will always have to rely on ourselves. It is very important to learn to take care of your well-being and not only because it allows us to face life with greater determination and focus, but also because it affects the well-being of the people who love us and whom we love. In fact, if we are in a state of well-being, we will find it easier to help others, both on a practical level and in terms of empathy and listening. So yes, to all the self-care and self-pampering., avoiding thinking that these are acts of selfishness, because they are not at all. We are not taught how to develop self-love, thinking that it is something that can be delegated to others (to ask your partner in the first place). Especially if you’re lonely learn to recognize which small daily gestures have a positive impact on your mood and include them in your daily routine. An era is coming when everyone needs to become the architect of their own care and well-being. You will notice how Even the smallest self-directed rituals can help heal ancient wounds.acting as a truly beneficial balm.”

5 small romantic gestures to dedicate to yourself if you’re single

1. Set the table thoroughly before each meal.

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