Pamphira Oath (2022)


Pamfir, a worker who will do anything to help his family, decides to earn extra money by entering the underground alcohol market. However, his decision puts him in the crosshairs of local organized crime bosses.


Pamphira oath, original poster



Original name: Pamfir
Director: Dmitry Sukholitsky-Sobchuk
Country/year: France, Luxembourg, Chile, Poland, Ukraine / 2022
Duration: 106′
Type: Dramatic
Throw: Alexander Yarema, Andrey Kirilchuk, Georgy Povolotsky, Galina Svyata, Igor Danchuk, Ivan Sharan, Katerina Tysyak, Miroslav Makoviychuk, Alexander Boyuk, Alexander Yatsentyuk, Alexei Leybyuk, Elena Khokhlatkina, Petr Chichuk, Solomiya Kirilova, Stanislav Potyak, Viktor Baranovsky, Vitaliy Boyuk, Vitaliy Koval, Vladimir Lutikov, Zinoviy Simchich
Screenplay: Dmitry Sukholitsky-Sobchuk
Photo: Nikita Kuzmenko
Assembly: Nicodem Chabior
Music: Letitia Pansanel-Garrick
Director: Claudia Smija, Bogna Shevchik, Silvana Santamaria, Giancarlo Nasi, Alexandra Kostina, Adolf El Assal, Alena Timoshenko, Artem Kolyubaev, Jane Yatsuta, Adam Goodell, Laura Briand
Production house: Quijote Films, Madants, Moderator Inwestycje, Les Films d’Ici 2, Mainstream Pictures, Les Films d’Ici, BosonFilm, Wady Films, Studio Orlando, Soilfilms
Distribution: Films inspired by

Release date: 08/10/2023


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