Paso Adelante, what happened to the cast of the series?

arrival notice Paso Adelante on Netflix since August 1, he has created a buzz around the series and in his own right actors which 20 years ago were overwhelmed by popularity, and they became real stars.

After the success achieved with replicas Gossip, Netflix hopes to give an encore by inserting broadcast From Paso Adelante (in 2022 UPA Nextsequel to the famous Spanish fantasy film, which also starred some of the iconic characters from the original series).

The incredible popularity that he had at the time Paso Adelante happened thanks to the perfect combination of an exciting storyline and a well-chosen cast, consisting, among other things, of Monica Cruz, Beatriz Luengo, Sylvia Marty, Pablo Puyol, Lola Herrera, Miguel Angel Munoz AND Natalia Millan. Although the names of these actors were very popular in the early 2000s, with the airing of the sixth and final season Paso Adelante their popularity waned, which is why we lost sight of them.

What happened to the Paso Adelante actors

Miguel Angel Munoz

Miguel Angel Munoz he became famous for his character Robert V Paso Adelantethanks to which in 2004 he released the hit “Diras que estoy loco“. In the same year, he left the series, that is, in 2005, the actor joined the cast of a fantasy film. Miss Charming Vesinos also in the film Desde que amanice apeteceand in 2006 starred in the film Borgia. While he has made other forays into the big screen, Miguel has shown to have found his dimension in television, where he has seen himself in many other series, until making his debut behind the camera in 2021 with a documentary. 100 days with Tata. In 2016, Miguel Angel Muñoz also won the season celebrity chefwhich he then introduced in 2020.

Monica Cruz

Compared to her sister Penelope Cruz this is the one who found less space in front of the cameras after exiting the character Silvia V Paso Adelante. Although he participated in such series as velvet, La que se avecina AND Aguila Rojadancer and actress Monica Cruz she devoted herself above all to her family and her role as the mother of her in vitro fertilized daughter Antonella.

Pablo Puyol

Pedro From Paso Adelante was the character played Pablo Puyol, who, after the sixth season of science fiction, took part in other series, but had difficulty finding roles in successful productions. After starring in Pulling to give, Los Serranos AND Eva’s sheepfoldjoined the cast in 2012 Arrayanand two years later he appeared in Ciega a Citasthen arriving at Serve and protect where he still works. From 2005 until today, Pablo has also participated in some theatrical productions such as the musical The beauty and the Beast (where he played Gaston).

Beatriz Luengo

Known for the role Lola V Paso Adelante, the actress after the end of the series devoted almost exclusively to her career as a singer. The group’s first solo album Beatriz Luengoentitled my generation, was released in 2005 and, among other things, also boasted a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. After other recordings, the artist signed his first literary work in 2011. Despair of the Muses.

Sylvia Marty

actress who gave birth ingrid V Paso Adelante he has made several television appearances since the end of the series, participating in dramas such as Central Hospital, Los Serranos AND FORMER. During these 20 years of career Sylvia Marty In addition to participating in various series, she also presented a cooking program and climbed the charts with some of the songs she interpreted.

Natalia Millan

Actress Natalia Millan who played the ballet teacher of the School of Performing Arts Carmen Arranz, Adela Ramos, after the end of the series, he began dividing himself between the small screen and the stage, acting in fiction such as El Internado, Love en tiempos revueltos, velvet And Ministry of Timeand in the theater, among others, he played in musicals Cabaret AND Chicago.

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