Paulito FG Remembers When He Met ‘The Horse of All Time’ Michael Jordan

cuban musician Paulito FG He salvaged photos of the moment he met Michael Jordan years ago.

Through his Facebook account and following the social trend called #tbt, which involves revealing images or moments from the past; the musician and singer known as “El Sofocador de la Salsa” shared a photo of Michael in the Bahamas in 2004 Photos taken at the Jordan Celebrity Invitational – as he clarified in response to comments.

“I wanted to play basketball but never got around to it! But I met the greatest horse of all time! Michael Jordan,” he wrote last Thursday, along with a photo of more than 12,000 photos that currently hang on his walls . like and sparked hundreds of comments.

In his post, he didn’t reveal any more details about how he came to be photographed with Michael Jordan, but there’s no need for his followers to react by celebrating the good fortune of being reunited with the MBA legend. He turned 60 last February..

“Talented characters”; “Two great men coming together”; “He is the best player ever”; “Great duo. Blessings”; “What a pride!”; “It’s an honor to be with such characters Together, blessings to you both”; “Beautiful personalities”; “Great opportunities”; “A pleasant meeting and to keep a picture of your life for the privilege he has given. Blessings to you both”; “Good luck to you, Blessings to meet the best player in the world in person”; “You guys are awesome too,” read hundreds of comments.

But this is not the first time that Paulito FG has boasted on a virtual platform about his meeting with this outstanding athlete.

In 2009, he used the same photo to celebrate the opportunities music had given him to “meet many stars.”

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