Travis Scott was questioned about the events of Astroworld 2021.

Travis Scott was questioned for several hours on Monday (September 18) as part of a civil deposition he gave in connection with hundreds of lawsuits filed against him and others related to deaths and injuries at the 2021 Astroworld festival. The Houston rapper was questioned in his hometown during an interrogation that lasted about eight hours. This was reported by two people familiar with the dispute. Lawyers and other people involved in civil cases are banned.

“Travis Scott’s testimony is a typical trial. What is unusual is the way the media continues to focus on him despite the fact that a thorough government investigation cleared him of all charges.. Also from the Houston Police Department,” Ted Anastasiou, a spokesman for Travis Scott, said in a statement. “Travis is fully cooperating with the legal process. Although he remains busy touring in support of his record-breaking album, Utopiaand in its philanthropic efforts to support communities at risk.”

Following an investigation by Houston police, no charges were brought against Travis Scott.. After a grand jury in June declined to indict him and five other people for crimes related to the Astroworld massacre. Police Chief Troy Finner declined to provide the overall conclusion of his department’s investigation.

Houston Police Investigation Reports

In July, the police department released a nearly 1,300-page investigative report in which festival workers highlighted problems and warned of potentially deadly consequences. According to a police investigation report two days after the concert, Travis Scott told investigators that although he saw one person near the stage receiving medical attention, the crowd overall seemed to enjoy the performance. He saw no signs of serious problems..

This was the first time Travis Scott was questioned by lawyers for those who sued after the crowd at his November 5, 2021, concert in Houston killed 10 festival-goers. The victims, aged 9 to 27 years, died from compression asphyxia. One expert compared it to being crushed by a car.

Lawsuits filed against Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s testimony comes as a judge earlier this year set the first trial in the cases for May 6, 2024.. The first trial will take place almost two and a half years after the deadly concert. Court documents filed in April list more than 1,500 active cases. Many of them were filed against Travis Scott and Live Nation., concert organizer. Of those, 992 involved physical injury and 313 involved “emotional distress, pain, suffering and mental anguish.” In 17 of these cases, orthopedic surgery was completed, and in another 21, other surgery was recommended.

Some lawsuits have already been settled, including lawsuits filed by the families of three of those killed during the concert. Travis Scott’s testimony on Monday came on the same day that Drake, who performed several songs with Scott during the Astroworld concert, performed in Houston. Drake is also being sued over the deadly concert.

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