Pedrerol on Unai Simone’s ‘insistence’: ‘If it had been up to him, we would never have seen Michael Jordan crying in the locker room with a ring’

Unai Simon has repeatedly spoken out against the introduction of cameras in the dressing room, a new initiative in La Liga this season that aims to bring football closer to spectators. The final game was a preview of Spain’s clash with Norway last night, in which the Athletic goalkeeper started again as Spain sealed their passage to next summer’s European Championship in Germany.

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“If I speak up, if ultimately things are going to go ahead, what difference does it make? I know more money will be generated, but I will be limiting in some ways that aren’t there. As other colleagues have said look Got it, but I couldn’t understand it. But I didn’t want to pursue the topic too much. “One day they’re going to come and see what I’m doing in the bathroom,” Simon scolded, clearly uncomfortable with the question, among other anecdotes In addition, the traditional Lord’s Prayer administered by captains before athletic games is also shown. In the video below, you can hear other similar statements made at the start of the game on August 16: “The locker room is a personal and private place. “

On Monday, Josep Pedrerol attacked the goalkeeper in red and white in his column for Sport. “If it were up to Unai Simon and others who think like him, we would never have seen the iconic image of Michael Jordan crying on the locker room floor after winning his NBA ring. “What the hell,” El Chiringuito ” the host wrote.

“From News to Publicity”

The journalist backed the cameras, knowing it would be good for his show to provide as many images as possible, assuring that “in recent years we have witnessed a growing alienation between football and fans”. He said the mixed zone, a gathering place between players and reporters, has disappeared since the pandemic. “Now the clubs are the ones distributing the interviews they conduct with players. We moved from journalism to promotion. I sell what interests me, not what happened. There are no more awkward questions. Players barely talk to reporters, They communicate via social networks, or, yes, when there’s a panel in the back displaying ads for brands that sponsor them. “Business is business,” he wrote.

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