Perpignan: clue to the signature of American rapper Travis Scott on a pair of baskets

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Kikznab, the stars’ favorite driver. Once again installed in the heart of Perpignan and extended into the world of sneakers, Kickznab emerged from a new sacred work via TikTok. Jordans 1 Low Phantom is a model created in collaboration with rapper Travis Scott and dedicated to the rapper himself. And there, under the Catalan sun.

That is, Kikckznab at twenty for contacts that American rapper Travis Scott will be passing through Perpignan during his trip to Ibiza. Thanks to the help of the most important contacts, one of the members of the star’s entourage at the “convenue” interview with the driver Benzema or DJ Snake’s encore, before the premiere ended, a pair of his Just sneakers signed by Travis Scott et al. in Perpignan. After many messages and minutes of attention, Kikckznab turns into a fait des allers-retours to the airport de la Llabaniere, where you can secretly drive to the rapper, and then into a decroche “le Saint des Saints” on the Port-Vendres quay. Yacht Devant son, rapper “This is where the couple signed.

“It’s this couple’s grail dedicated to Travis, but there’s a big announcement for her,” previous le trader perpignanais. Indeed, the owners of the boutique, located at 42 rue Mailly, will not only buy two more designs based on the same concept in Perpignan before 2024, but will also announce that they will be better. “bijouterie”. “I don’t know how to learn this, but it’s impossible to play bingo or draw at random so that someone can take you back.” details “sneaker genius” Here and now, we invite basketball fans to offer this priceless pair of shoes for service.

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