Peru culls 23,000 poultry to curb bird flu

Peru has culled 23,000 birds at a commercial layer farm on the Pacific coast after another 4,000 birds were confirmed dead at the farm in an effort to prevent the spread of the disease.

The agency said it confirmed the discovery of influenza A subtype H5, one of the subtypes of avian influenza, on a commercial farm in the province of Chipon, in the La Libertad region. That’s why “infected birds were buried and all the birds on the farm were sacrificed.”

Daniel Alama, director of SENASA in the La Libertad region, told local media that the farm where the disease was discovered was isolated and that laboratory samples had been taken from other commercial farms and livestock pens within a five-kilometer radius of the epicenter. Infect.

According to SENASA, in November 2022, a health alert was declared in Peru due to the detection of avian influenza, which resulted in the deaths of at least 3,400 pelicans, which may have been infected by Franklin’s gulls (Leucophaeus pipixcan) while traveling from Peru. disease. USA to Patagonia.

Avian influenza is fatal to birds. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the spread of the virus on commercial farms could cause serious damage because Peru produces about 720 million chickens each year and its meat is a favorite among Peruvians.

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