phones confiscated from guests and agreement

Captain America he is married. Chris Evans (42 years old), actor Hollywood AND Alba Baptista (26 years old), actress of the Netflix series “Warrior Nun” celebrated her wedding in great secrecy at home in Massachusettswith my old friends and some VIP. On the other hand, Marvel’s “Cap” could not get married without the presence of his fellow superheroes, including Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth AND Jeremy Renner.

Chris and Alba asked their guests a saying confidentiality on wedding: the phones were taken away and everyone had to sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to prevent the paparazzi from breaking into the house looking for someone. scoop.

Let’s find out more about them love story.

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Chris and Alba, love of yesteryear

Chris Evans AND Alba Baptista they are a very private couple who love to stay in their home surrounded by greenery and spend time laughing and joking. The two don’t usually share their personal lives, they announced their connection it’s been a year since it started and they haven’t said anything since.

Chris has always expressed his desire to have one family there were many of them, but he had many difficulties in finding a life partner. It seems that Alba came at the right time: “Everyone is crazy about her, she is charming and perfect for Chris,” said some relatives of the Hollywood actor.

We can only hope these two decide to share some footage wedding dream together love story like theirs.

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