The most comfortable travel shoes in the world? The Mail tests the “insanely comfortable” Cariuma trainers, loved by celebrities including Robert Downey Jr and Helen Mirren.

Dame Helen Mirren, comedian Pete Davidson and actors Robert Downey Jr, Brooke Shields, Alexandra Daddario and Jon Hamm are just some of the celebrities who have couples. Cariuma’s shoes have attracted a cult fan base, and one of their main selling points is that they … Read more

‘It’s time for the chase’: When Chris Evans was criticized by ‘Avengers’ co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth for being the ‘sexiest man alive’

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phones confiscated from guests and agreement

Captain America he is married. Chris Evans (42 years old), actor Hollywood AND Alba Baptista (26 years old), actress of the Netflix series “Warrior Nun” celebrated her wedding in great secrecy at home in Massachusettswith my old friends and some VIP. On the other hand, … Read more

Of Gods and Monsters: Oppenheimer’s Visions and the Danger of Knowledge

There is a lot of talk in Oppenheimer, a lot. Nolan, having explored memory, the unconscious, the mind, space and time, and their distance or proximity to reality, withdrew from this tour to explore new forms of manipulation of dimensions and staging them on a … Read more