Robert Downey Jr and Xabi Lame: Weird couple together to promote Oppenheimer

The iconic American actor and the world’s most followed Tiktoker has wowed everyone with an unprecedented and hilarious collaboration to promote Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated new film.

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Xabi Lame, a well-known Senegalese naturalized Italian influencer (and also the most followed tiktoker in the world) posted a completely unexpected video on his social profiles. In the video, Khabi runs down the hallway of the hotel until he runs into special guest t. Robert Downey Jr. who, before straightening his tie, asks him in surprise where he is going. Hilarious collaboration anticipated by another short video featuring Matt Damoncreated to promote Oppenheimer, a new film by Christopher Nolan with the same Robert Downey Jr. and Matt Damon, but also Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt and Florence Pugh. “Always trust Robert Downey Jr,” wrote Xabi Lama on the occasion.

“Always trust Robert Downey Jr.”

Xabi Lamebreaking the record previously held by American dancer and Tiktoker Charlie D’Amelio, became most popular TikTok user in the world. With over 161 million active followers on the platform (by comparison, the famous Selena Gomez has “only” 58 million), Xabi has become famous worldwide for his silent comedy reaction videos, as well as recent and unexpected content posted along with the face iron Man Robert Downey Jr, in fact, his now well-known stylistic style does not fail him. In the video clip in question, posted by Xabi Lame himself on his social profiles, we see a TikToker intent on running at full speed down a hotel corridor until he is stopped by Robert Downey Jr himself, who first asks him if he really hit his head. With a hilarious expression that made young Xabi, born in 2000, famous, the tiktoker seems smitten, but Robert Downey Jr. leaves no time for any reaction: “Damon said you should bring the movie to the cinema for the damned Do.” The actor refers to another sketch posted a day earlier by tiktoker Xabi Lame, in which Matt Damon instructed him to take the tape Oppenheimer at the London premiere.

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Oppenheimer and Robert Downey Jr posted photos of the actors on Instagram

“Never trust Matt Damon”

The day before showing millions of followers an unprecedented collaboration with Robert Downey Jr. to promote the anticipated OppenheimerKhabi Lame has already amazed the whole world with a funny parody in which instead of Matt Damon: Here, an American actor handed a TikToker a heavy dolly containing “11 miles of film” to be delivered to the London premiere of the film. This time accompanied by a video that ended with the caption “To be continued”, tiktoker Xabi Lame instead wrote “Never trust Matt Damon.” OppenheimerChristopher Nolan’s long-awaited new film is coming to theaters in Italian cinemas from August 23, 2023.


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