Photo “in music” of Simone Cellucci guest in Rome

ROME – Among the “guests” of the photo exhibition “A Thousand Fabulous Faces” by the Roman photographer Simone Cecchetti is also the photographer from Pistoia, Simona Cellucci, which is currently taking place in Rome at the Spazio Field of the Palazzo Brancaccio.

Exclusive and exceptional place for an anthology of works by Cecchetti, photographer and portrait painter, one of the most important Italian photographers in the field of music, and curator of the album covers of many artists such as Zucchero, Niccolo Fabi, Fiorella Mannoia. , Daniele Silvestri, Mannarino, Diodato and Fabrizio Bosso. A Thousand Fabulous Faces is a project that can exhaustively present his work, with photographs of many years of concerts and events in the musical field around the world.

Pistoia photographer Simone Celucci with his photographs presented at the Cecchetti exhibition in Rome.

The exhibition, open on 21 April and open to the public until 5 September, curated by Marco Dionisi Carducci and with the critical input of Gino Castaldo, allows you to appreciate Cecchetti’s entire artistic career in an exhibition of more than a thousand photographs, many of which are absolutely unpublished, painted by more than than a thousand different artists.

It is the number “thousand” that gives the name of the exhibition, emphasizing the originality and diversity of the “faces” of the artists originally photographed by Cecchetti during the concerts: the path of the Roman photographer is the path of a sensitive and penetrating narrative that moves towards a poetic, human and psychological study of the subjects depicted. Black and white and color shots capable of telling in a variety of contexts about the work of the artist with a single cut, a recognizable signature, “capable, as Gino Castaldo emphasized, of conveying the subject, caught in all its physicality and the mentality of the performance, perfectly staged.”

In the photographs presented, the great names of world music “flow” from BB King to Roger Waters, from Noel Gallagher to Skene, from Bruce Springsteen to Juliet Lewis, through Nick Cave, Michael Stipe, Bjork, Lady Gaga, Lou Rida, Madonna, Renato Zero , Steven Tyler.

During the four months of the exhibition, Simone Cecchetti decided to dedicate space to other photographers, thus giving the opportunity to those who came in the context of the exhibition to present their project and exhibit their photographs related to the musical theme. . This is in line with the idea of ​​“exchange”, which for an artist should be concrete and real, which is also supported by his Academy of Music Photography, an academy of music photography launched this year with the aim of giving everyone the chance to become a professional music photographer.

This is how Simone Celucci, after viewing the exhibition and reading about this possibility, decided to give Cecchetti a selection of ten photographs from his project “See… in Music”, a collection of photographs focused on the “details” and the “details” of the artists during concerts.

Photographs that the public of Pistoia has already had the opportunity to see this year in February at a solo exhibition in Bohero and in June in the frescoed halls of the Palazzo Comunale, as part of the “Frammenti” project curated by Giusi Cumbo.

Photographs that also received positive reviews in Rome: Simona Cellucci was included by Cecchetti among his “invited” photographers and had the opportunity to exhibit ten photographs “in music” in the space of the Palazzo Brancaccio from July 22 to 29, along with six other colleagues. .

It was an exciting experience,” commented Cellucci, “which gave me the opportunity to exhibit some of my photographs in such a prestigious venue, as well as a precious opportunity to make my photographic work known to a wider audience. I am honored to be part of this project and to be able to have a dialogue through photography with a master of the industry like Simone Cecchetti.”

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