Travis Scott at the Circus Maximus, from film to concert

Travis Scott is a rapper who unexpectedly announced a concert in Circus Maximus To Rome for the next August 7. Also known as an influencer’s companion. Kylie Jennerwith whom he had two children, and for numerous collaborations with singers of the caliber Kanye West AND Pharrell Williams – as well as those with fashion brands such as Dior – artist and producer is now in the spotlight with his new record Utopia.

Travis Scott’s new album “Utopia”

Utopia this is the title of Travis Scott’s fourth studio album, released last year. July 28th. Produced in part by Scott himself, it features many other artists in the rap scene such as Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Drake name a few. The album was expected in 2021 with a mixtape project. dystopiaduring’Astromir festivalevent hosted by Travis Scott Houston, Texas. However, on the first night, the crowd in the hall caused the death of 11 people, which prompted the rapper to cancel the continuation of the event and remove him from the stage for a long time. It goes like this Utopiaalbum preceded by a single featuring Bad Bunny and The Weeknd titled “K-pop”the video clip of which was partially filmed in Palace Bullesthe famous villa on the shores of the Bay of Cannes, designed Antti Lovag.

Concert at the Circus Maximus instead of the Pyramids of Giza

The presentation of the full album was to take place July 28th V Giza Plateauamong millennials pyramids but, a few days before the big concert, he left sold out half an hour later, the organization announced the cancellation. On Twitter, Travis reassured fans about this: “The pyramid show will be there, but due to requirements and logistical details, it takes some time to get everything ready. I will keep you posted on the date that will be soon, love you all”. To fix and properly run your own UtopiaTravis then adopted a respectable plan B: if at first we thought about performing in Pompeiithen came the announcement that the mega event would be taking place in Circus Maximus To Romehowever, after common thread which connects the artist with the ancient civilizations of the past. Tickets on sale from 2 August.

Travis Scott’s “Maximum Circus”

The choice fell on the great archaeological excavations of the capital, after Scott’s participation in I-days From Milan last 30 Junealso matches the title of a film written and directed by the artist himself along with five other international directors such as Gaspar Noe, Valdimar Johansson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korine, Khalil Joseph – to accompany the album Utopia. It’s about “Circus Maximus”released in US theaters on July 27. In the film, the main character is Scott, who, after choking on an octopus, takes on a new form to meet the producer on the mountain. Rick Rubin. With him, he talks about his career and music, while the dialogue is interspersed with scenes from his performances around the world. Filming took place between Iceland, Nigeria, Denmark, France AND Italy For “charting out a surreal and psychedelic journey towards a kaleidoscopic discovery of the human experience and the power of sounds”. All accompanied 19 tracks contained in a new album with an exceptional finale: a solo performance by Travis Scott, dressed in white and surrounded by mega speakers, in the ancient amphitheater of Pompeii. From the Neapolitan archaeological site, you can also see the Forum, the House of Venus in the Shell and other places that will probably also become the backdrop for the singer’s next video clips.

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