Photographer won’t send friend’s wedding photos until he gets paid

A photographer on Reddit shared that her friend is furious that she won’t post the wedding photos she took until she gets paid in full.

The photographer explained that she took on the job of photographing her friend’s mother’s wedding as a “last-minute favor” but did not send the images because the client had not yet paid her for her services.

“While I was out with friends, my brother-in-law called me unexpectedly, he usually doesn’t call me, so when I saw him calling, I answered and asked if everything was okay. He explained, The situation was that the previous photographer dropped out at the last minute at 6:00 PM THE NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING and asked me to help and I would be paid by a certain date,” she wrote.

“I agreed and drove (four) hours with my camera and laptop to the wedding venue to photograph the bride and groom,” the photographer continued on Reddit.

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However, the photographer recently learned that she would not be paid for her work until much later than what was originally agreed upon between her and her friend.

“I sat and thought about it and came to the conclusion that I would not send any photos. I then explained this to my friend and he was unaware of the date set for payment and only the amount until I showed him that part of the conversation we had between ourselves,” she detailed.

“Everyone was already happily using my photos for profile pictures and cover photos from the few I’ve already sent, not to mention people were already hounding me for these photos because they needed them ASAP,” the photographer continued, adding that her friend called her a “jerk” for not sending all the images without paying upfront.

“I feel like this whole situation is about to tear me and my friend apart, even though I don’t want it to,” she concluded her post.

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Users in the comments supported the woman’s decision not to transfer the photos until she was paid in full.

“I’m wondering if the previous photographer backed out because the wedding didn’t honor the full payment pre-event clause,” one person wrote.

“They will leave you alone if you send these photos. You will never see this money,” another commented.

“You send these photos before you get paid, you don’t get paid. You have a product, you won’t deliver it before you get paid,” someone else chimed in.

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