Pink shoes and bags: how to wear the trend even in winter

fSummer ends, Barbicor, goodbye? Never. pink shoes and bags cutie in pink will also be distributed inautumn winter 2023/2024. Here are all the essential accessories from next season’s collections and the best inspirations for your first shopping trip home.

Margot Robbie at the premiere of

Margot Robbie at the premiere of

Pink shoes: what is it? pink mania even in winter

After the release of the film in theaters, the pink wave that has swept through wardrobes since the beginning of 2023 is not going to subside. Bold, bright, playful, daring. trendy color The most girlish and romantic woman in history is not going to go out of style. Driven by the hype of street style trends, updated with the new aesthetic canons of the most sought-after stylists. Stay firmly on the crest of the wave, even during the winter months. First of all, with new shoe models matching monochrome outfits, but not only. Because now more than ever pink this is the new black.

Neckline, sandals and platform maxi

Film about Greta Gerwig starring Margot Robbie chose a shade hot pink summer queen. In the colder months, the point of pink shifts towards more restrained and delicate shades. Pink face powder, peach, candy and chewing gum, in combination with matching clothes or black clothes, they immediately promise a wow effect. While they apply to the top models of the next cold months.

Shoes with an open heel with a medium heel, No. 21.

sandals especially in crocodile-print patent leather with a slightly square toe for N°21. And Roger Vivier offers them in heels commas 1963 in a lacquered version with a voluminous bouclé bow at the top. Green light is also neckline with strap ankle (steve madden) ia big platform from cartoon-style satin (Nodaleto), which decides to give a bright edge to images in neutral tones.

Stylish bags and clutches cutie in pink

From Versace to Sportmax and Giambattista Valli. Fall 2023 catwalks dominate in a monochrome outfit in a beautiful head to toe pink style. But still, there are great stylistic solutions even for those who are more comfortable in a less flashy style. By adding, for example, a touch Rose like in the show autumn winter 2023/2024 from Prada. Who chooses one handbag in pastel colors as a passe-partout for suit pearl gray textured leather. And for shirt dresser from bisque satin or as an addition to women’s jacket solid terracotta color.

A fragment of the Prada show autumn-winter 2023/2024.

According to Valentino Garavani, handbag in pale pink, this addition – a minion – is ideal for looks formed by a men’s shirt on black shorts and on rubber boots very shiny, with a massive sole.

While Etro for the new collection offers precious mini sail peony color, with metal clasp and yellow gold minute pendant. Designed to be worn on the shoulder or across the body in combination with quilted jacket in the press Floralia With coordinated tights for the same reason plus mini skirt Hello black sandals. In a broken but very balanced mood that is the quintessence of modern new romantic style.


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