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Judging from the service, we are meat… What do I keep from Paraguay-Peru? Juan Reynoso had a message with “coba” to the players: “Some people deserve to be there.” Even the water wasn’t any clearer. Cuevaitas and those players who are out of form will be sent back or stay with their clubs. His heart rate is not suitable for intense competition. They only had enough for sex and time with aunty.

Paolo Guerrero talks about his encounter with Alianza and explains why he wasn’t approached about the ‘grone’ cast

This allows the person being summoned to see that justice is being administered. Those who love nights and parties, keep up with the trends. People who don’t take care of their legs and bodies, that’s their problem. To make the national team, you have to be 100 percent committed.

It’s strange that in modern football you have to play better without the ball than with it. It’s no longer enough to just touch it and hide it. By the way, I’m not anyone’s “skater.” “Cabez√≥n” just seeing his face bothers me. It has bedbug blood. When I do Chavo, I have no regrets or pity. Yes, gentlemen…

I repeat, defensively we are a wall for Ciudad Este, but in terms of preparation and efficiency we are screwed and worrying. My pain at the moment is replacing the ousted Luis Advinkula.Poll backs Mango World Cup winner Aldo Corzo I developed gastritis from stress. I recognize his three eggs, motivation, attitude and unity, but compared to Neymar, Rodrygo, Richarlison and Rafinha, I have serious doubts.

I’m going to argue this because I don’t have any personal vendetta. The exit is not safe and is very dangerous for the unforgiving “monsters” in the area. The scoring is legit and that’s where they’re going to dive in. His behavior showed signs of neurosis, which can be fatal to top talents. They’re going to turn it into one. Even when he was running, it was difficult to identify him.

If number 11 was hung on the arch “Saint Galles”, then it might work, but if we want something else, there’s no place for it. Miguel Araujo is more reliable. Kuruju…

Joao Grimaldo vs. Brazil?

Everyone asks me: ‘Bomber, boy is Joao Grimaldo ready to unleash it on Tuesday?? Yes, I took him aside and told him: “I believe in you, I believe in your conditions, I believe in your courage, and today it was your dedication, confidence and grace in doing your thing that you started against Brazil.”

that child is Handsome, handsome one on one.If he doesn’t have a position at the end, I’ll send him to the front ring, back Paul Guerrero. I know this isn’t your position, but I’m willing to risk it because of your characteristics. With his technique, speed, movement, drive, dribbling, he will make them stop Marquinhos, Gabriel Magalhaas, Casemiro. If they tested several “Kangaroos” there, why not test the boy who made his mark in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana? Leaving us with trauma and fear. Yesterday, 16-year-old Yamil Lamine made his debut in Spain and scored a goal. Lexa…

What happened on Thursday showed that everyone is playing their own “game.” Dr. Julio Segura, kinesiologist and those with access to the field also added. The doctor entered the scene without permission and we burned for a minute. This is very important in the qualifiers. In Lima, even the caddies have to stick together and be educated.

You have to read what’s going on. If we lose, hurry up. If we win, we chill out. If it’s a draw, it depends on whether they corner us. Idiots and cowards will not run away.besides 12. The most beautiful fan in the world, you have to cheer up and let go of your throat. That’s right… I want to leave, I want to run away.

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