Sabaudia Dance Festival, a celebration of passion and talent

“It was an experience that celebrated the passion, creativity and dedication of dancers and choreographers from all over Italy. Thanks to masters Piero Zinna, Andre De la Roche and Ilir Shaqiri, as well as to all those who made this extraordinary event possible.” Thus, Mayor Alberto Mosca after presenting the prestigious award of the city of Sabaudia to the ballet school “Diamond” of Ancona at the end of the dance festival in Sabaudia.

Fascinating and convincing. Two words that perfectly characterize the fourth edition of the Dance Festival held in Sabaudia, organized by the artistic directors Piero Zinna, Andre De La Roche (internationally renowned master and dancer) Ilir Shaqiri (former Amici dancer and winner of Big Brother Vip in Albania). ) and is sponsored by the Municipality of the City of Dunes. The picturesque coastal town in the heart of Italy became the scene of an unforgettable dance festival.

“An extraordinary event that brought together talents from all over Bel Paese, transforming our city into a triumph of grace and creativity. Well done everyone.” These are the words of Deputy Mayor, Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Entertainment Giovanni Secchi at the end of the dance festival.

Among the many invited Masters of the Festival, the names of Raffaele Paganini (Etoile), the charismatic Little Phil, masters Dorian Grori, Francesca Carocci, Francesca Cristofoli, Francesco Gammino, Thomas Signorelli, Masia del Prete, Gerardo Porcelluzzi stand out.

One of the most exciting moments was the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award, proudly presented by contemporary dance maestro Ricky Bonavita.
An award recognizing the outstanding contributions of Little Phil, a world-renowned hop-hop dancer and choreographer who has worked with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, and Craig David, and recognizes his dedication and unparalleled talent.

Gianni Vers won the New Choreographer and Company Award, proving that he has a bright future in the world of house dance. The recognition was accompanied by an atmosphere of euphoria, the audience was waiting for the next big dance “surprise”.

The Acsi Federation awarded the Acsi Ballet Company the Emerging Company Award to a group that demonstrated exceptional creativity and commitment under the direction of maestro Dino Carano.

The Producer of the Year Award was presented to Antonio Desiderio, who, together with dancers from Roma and Capital, made a significant contribution to raising awareness of classical dance with an excerpt from the repertory ballet Giselle.

But the heart of the festival was represented by young talents chosen from more than 50 participants. Renowned choreographers such as Francesco Annarumma and Milena Zullo awarded special prizes to young extraordinarily talented dancers such as Emma Staffolani, Giulia Elisa Rotaru, Sara Tontarelli, Shady Zani, Matteo Mastracci, Elisabetta Carnevale, Samantha Riccioni, Veronica della Casa, Ilenia della Casa . and Aurora Prospero.

Among the most coveted awards is the Best Talent Award, awarded to Giuseppe Puccioni di Sezze and Shadi Zani. The prize for best soloist went to Ferdinando Flagiello from Naples. Lara Russo, a young nine-year-old dancer from Casoria, captivated the audience and received the award for best performance.

The festival also featured a triumphant performance by Choreografia Boreal, a student from the Art Maison school in Sabaudia, who was awarded the title of best group, while La Casa Azul from Latin America showed off their talent in an unforgettable performance.

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