Point Break, former surfing president and genius of Bigelow

when i think point BreakThis week’s featured film #deepthriller, I still can’t understand, more than 30 years after its release, how a work with such a silly narrative premise works so well. Almost parody at times.

The protagonist with the improbable name of Johnny Utah – played by Keanu Reeves – There’s a new FBI agent, a former football star with a bad knee and sent to Los Angeles. A series of bank robberies is putting the bureau in jeopardy. four robbers calling themselves former presidents Because they wear rubber masks of Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Johnson, they pull off a series of bank robberies without leaving a clue. Except one. At least according to Johnny’s partner: Angelo Pappas (played by “Gummy”). Gary Busey) who has intuition. Since one of them has a clearly visible tan line in the recording and judging by the clumps of hair found at the crime scene polluted by the same contaminants found at a famous beach, the expedients are surfers! So Pappas convinces Utah to join a group of “wave riders” to try to solve the case.

a californian movie, by all means, the plot of which could be a very bizarre tale. So much so that at one point one character is so convinced and angry that he jumps out of the plane without a parachute, free-falling until he is picked up by another person who has a parachute. Then put a gun to his head. Even then everything works wonderfully So that point Break Today it has its own place in the history of American action films.

A very talented director, but whose traces we have lost over the years, katherine bigelowHere di shows impressive speed management and power by making point Break The kind of movie where we don’t have to spend too much time analyzing the characters’ motivations, but instead get swept up in the jarring pace of the scenes.

What is interesting, however, is how he manages the main narrative twist: his characters live dangerously for philosophical reasons, they are not doers, but thinkers. They simply choose action as a way of expressing their faith. It adds an interesting element to Johnny and Bodhi and makes the final confrontation of this film even more believable given the absurd nature of the material. For example, Utah does some things that are beyond all logic, but we forgive him because basically he (like us) is caught under the spell of head zen surfer Bodhi, so everything – free fall. , surf, rob the bank – part of chasing the wave of life in an endless race.

fresh off the global success of Evil spirit, Patrick Swayze brings an idealistic innocence that avoids self-parody in the character of Bhodie, the beach philosopher and Utah mentor. Thankfully, any redundancy is handled by Gary Busey’s world-weary policeman Angelo Pappas, a gruff, Hollywood-old-but-always-effective cinematic stereotype.

The film’s hinted spirituality is apparently superficial, but soon devolves into a quagmire of pretentiousness. The key scene sees Johnny chasing the villains as Reagan chases them over the hoods of cars, through backyards, alleys, and even the living rooms of Santa Monica. And then two skydiving sequences with excellent cinematography, powerful chemistry between the good and evil characters, and an ominous, gloomy score from Mark Isham that underlines the mood.

the whole thing is wondrously beautiful and thrilling, A movie that you can watch multiple times and at every opportunity, the focus never runs out.

10 curiosities about the film

  1. The film was originally titled “Johnny Utah”, then became “Riders on the Storm” when Swayze joined the cast, similar to the song “Doors”. However the title had nothing to do with what was told in the film. Then halfway through filming, Point Break was finally cast.
  2. In the film, Johnny Utah becomes an FBI agent after a knee injury ends his American football career. In fact, Keanu Reeves (just like his character) was a hockey player, but a knee injury forced him to hang up his skates.
  3. Patrick Swayze loved skydiving and personally performed scenes in Sky: Beyond against the producers’ wishes. fifty launches without any stunt double,
  4. Swayze himself broke four ribs while filming the surfing scenes, yet he was the only one of the three leads to use a waveboard prior to filming. Even Lori Petty (the only woman with a fixed role) had never been to sea before.
  5. Johnny Depp and Charlie auditioned for the role of Utaj, but it ultimately went to a then little known actor… Keanu Reeves.
  6. During the foot chase sequence, there is a stuntman instead of Swayze under the mask of President Reagan, who was in Europe at the time for a publicity tour. Evil spirit,
  7. Gary Busey, Star lethal Weapon The veteran Angelo Pappas, played here, was one of the heroes of the most iconic surf movies: a big wednesday,
  8. The precursor to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony KiedisHas a cameo in the film: he is one of a gang of criminals that Utah arrests after a fight (with gunfire) on the beach.
  9. 20th Century Fox Designed sequel to point Break which was supposed to be released in the summer of 1993. The idea was later abandoned, despite the already completed script and the first film’s excellent earnings. A sequel was also considered in the early 2000s, but Swayze’s health conditions and his subsequent disappearance virtually closed the door on a sequel.
  10. But twist in 2015: instead of a sequel reconstruction with the same title and directed by ericsson core, Keanu Reeves commented as follows: “Remakes of some movies should be banned”

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